What Even Is Gelbooru? 

Simply put, Gelbooru is a porn hosting website that indexes and hosts images (and rarely videos, GIFs, or WebMs) of an adult nature. The vast majority of the content that you'll find in their galleries is hentai, with some exceptions of, for example, real pornstars going down and dirty. It's a simple XXX site where all the focus is on porn, and that's exactly what PornSheriff likes about it. 

The main thing about Gelbooru is all of the kinky and perverted stuff that you can find there. It has been criticised for hosting all sorts of explicit content that usually pushes the boundaries and triggers the normies, so you know they have the good stuff. I can't even begin to list all the different niches, categories, and tags that you could use to find the porn that makes you tick. 

How Do I Browse Gelbooru Effectively? is a minimalist kind of website. The landing page features a large search bar, a couple of links, and a graphic that displays the number of posts featured in their galleries (which, right now, is closing in on 8 million). The best way to explore this website is to type in a search term and go from there. Think of anything kinky, erotic, and perverted that comes to your mind, type in the search bar, and let the adventure begin. 

When you find a post that strikes your fancy, you can enter it to either jerk off or see a related list of tags that could help you get to the next image or video. That way, you'll always be on the move, enjoying one good XXX post after the other. And don't even get me started on the variety that offers. It's best you see for yourself.


  • Pros

    Millions of Naughty Porn Posts

  • Pros

    Both XXX Pics and Videos

  • Pros

    Extensive List of Tags


  • Cons

    Few Browsing Features

  • Cons

    Mostly Hentai

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