Vibrant Eighties Are Back With Hardcore Erotica

Where have you've been, my fellow online wankers? Anyone feel nostalgic and horny? For those that were born in the previous century and those that are into neon colours and the '80s aesthetic, I have a delicious treat called I don't even know where to start with this one. I am lovin' it! Retro vibes in vibrant colours, aerobic clothing, big hairdos, soft erotica vs rough porn - my decade. Girlcore porn is an homage to this vintage era with pulp fiction scenarios featuring girly action. They also take the cringe from the '80s and make it all work through porn parody movies. Prepare for rock 'n' roll chicks banging their lesbian fandom, or a foxy babe in sleek erotica being chased by a lady stalker. This decade was the golden age of porn, and this place is obsessed with its atmosphere. As long as I am concerned, give me some chicks banging together, and my fella goes crazy. But add the unique d├ęcor, and I am all the way in. They do parody so well, you'll get a good laugh for sure. But the carnal satisfaction is the primary one, so trust the Sheriff when I say you will be shooting bullets heavily.

Gorgeous Girls Are All Lesbians

In my early days of becoming a sex addict, I wasn't really much into sex parody. I thought it was for the poor creatures and that it could never please me like mainstream porn. Boy, was I wrong. When you do it in an original way, and not just do a remake of the things that everybody else has already done, you have something real to offer. And Girlcore porn seems to share the preferences that Netflix has as well - go back to the era of wide pop culture and cheesy horrors and make them alive. Only they relieve them in 4k resolution that you don't see that often among the parodies. This is cinematic kind, shot with a generous budget, professional filming and top actresses. There are two seasons and each episode has its own plotline. There are babes getting wild at a PJs party, the clash of the girl bands that need to fuck until someone wins, or a nasty classroom full of curious teens. 

I Want More Of Girlcore Porn

I could watch these girls banging all day long. Lesbian xxx parody makes a man out of me as I can produce so much juice, some of those chicks haven't even seen that quantity. The only thing that kept me wondering was if they would ever give us new episodes. I guess that the whole situation caught them unready, but I need more steamy scenes. With only 12 episodes, I cannot last long. But for solace, there is a whole other part of the network that falls under and provides a few thousand of videos. Okay, they give you the photos beside the scenes, so there is a decent amount of things to enjoy. I will be back as soon as they bring it on again!
The sheriff highly recommends you to check out and that sitcom show


  • Pros

    Funny Vibe Of The Pulp Fiction

  • Pros

    Hardcore Girly Fucking

  • Pros

    Amazing Quality And Scenario Writing


  • Cons

    Twelve Episodes Only

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