God Of War

God Of War? This Looks More Like God Of Whores

Well, I’ll be damned if this isn’t a game on my taste. You know how the sheriff has every bitch in town, from the mayor’s daughter and wife to the old librarian lady who knows how to do that trick with her tongue around the balls that can make even a dead horse cum. If you want to know how it feels to have all the bitches around you worship your cock, then you should play God Of War. Or maybe you can become a sheriff. You need a really big cock for that. So, if you don’t have a gun as big as mine, then this game is your only option. The God Of War Parody is coming with a fantasy world in which you will get to fuck all kinds of magical bitches. The game reminds a lot of Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy. But the magical bitches are way more bad ass. 

Explore The Realm Looking For New Cunts

God Of War is an RPG porn game which is letting you explore a massive map with all kinds of different environments. Each region of the map comes with different characters. Some are more passionate and will make love to your cock, worship it and take care of the balls, then they will get on top of it and ride it slowly while they play with their clit. Other regions are filled with bad ass cumsluts who just want to be stretched by your massive dick, who will demand to be fucked in the ass hard and who will want to get their face covered in cum. You will please your teen fantasy with some forest nymphs that can’t even fit your dick in their pussy completely. And there are even some chicks with superpowers, like the ability to shapeshift into any other character of the story, depending on how you fuck them. Although this is an RPG and the characters have some kind of a background story, the game is not following a plotline. Your mission will be just to fuck every pussy on the map. Each region generates new characters after a while, which will give you some extra gameplay. 

The Gameplay And The Graphics Of God Of War

The sheriff loves a game with good graphics and this one impressed me over the limits. I like how dreamy some girls are and I love the bad ass glow of the darkish sluts. I don’t know how they manage to give these babes personalities through graphics, but they wouldn’t have done such a great job if they would have used dialogue or descriptions. The game is played mostly from POV perspective, but you have moments when the camera moves in third person to give you a nice view over the whole scene, especially during the threesomes. You will have a lot of control over the action, which will truly make you feel like the God of Whores. 


  • Pros

    God Of War Parody

  • Pros

    Different Character Classes

  • Pros

    Special Sex Abilities


  • Cons

    No Storyline, Just Raw Fucking

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