Good Spanking is all about babes spanking other babes!

Spanking... What motherfucker doesn't like that?! But girls spanking girls... This is even more enticing! Wanna learn about a site dedicated to this category? Here's one - GoodSpanking! If you need a hot little site with gorgeous babes who like girl on girl action, especially spanking their slutty female fuck pals, you will certainly like this place, stud! What can I tell you? I don't need to be a fucking psychic to know it - just visit the site and read what it is all about and you will go throbbing down there, ready for a fantastic fap session! Wanna hear more? I will tell you what I know! First of all, this is a site that is comprised of stories, and they were written to entertain you. But these are erotic stories that also involve a lot of sexy nudes... Nudes of babes who like spanking each other! It's fucking phenomenal! This is not a big site or network, it is not like one of those amazing premium porn sites with famous sluts and luscious bimbos we know, who we are addicted to. This is a rather smaller platform, with girls who are not that famous... But they are definitely stunning! In fact, I don't think you will hear about this site anywhere else, but you know me... I dig out all sorts of jewels when I am exploring the porn mine! When you enter the site, they will offer you to take a look... And I think you will do it because it just sounds too damn tempting, doesn't it?

Enticing babes is what sells this site the most!

If you want to check out this site, you can pay for it once - this one-month membership costs 27 bucks, but if you want to rebill it, it's 25 bucks every month... Well, unless you choose a longer plan. They cost less monthly, and if you really are into babe spanks babe sites, why not invest in this little form of entertainment? The interface of this site is not bad... I mean, it's decent, to say at least. It's not as catchy like those bigger player sites, with huge banners and things like a tempting video montage, perfect to allure any visitor... The menu is not that abundant, but you have updates and models, and that's what fucking matters the most! Not all models are equally sexy - some sluts here are simply more ravishing, but I like the diversity, how they included girls of all body types, hair colours, styles... When you enter the site, you will read 'realistic spanking' - this is what they promise to us. And you have over 300 videos of this realistic butt stroking to enjoy. As a premium member, you can enjoy exclusive scenes and frequent updates, and you have the option to view some scenes for free, but they are short. I think this will be enough to convince you to pay to see these sluts spank like savages.
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  • Pros

    Alluring lesbian babes

  • Pros

    Awesome prices

  • Pros

    Free scenes


  • Cons

    The interface looks boring

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