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H Flash

The Nerds Made Playable Porn, And It Comes On H Flash 

The sheriff never had a thing for video games. He always thought they were for kids and man-child cucks. He even used to fuck some of the town's wives while their husbands were too busy playing Red Dead Redemption porn game. But it seems like the sheriff was wrong all this time. Video games can be fun if they’re like the ones on H-Flash. This site is filled with porn games. Did you know such things exist? And if you do, why in the name of porn Jesus didn’t you tell me about them? Anyway! Here’s the sheriff’s hot take on HFlash. 

Interactive Sex Games WIth Crazy Fetishes On H-Flash.com

Not only that sex games are a thing, but H Flash comes with some of the most twisted kinks and fetishes you can imagine. And the best thing about them is that you can enjoy the action in such an interactive manner. I swear on my cock that jerking off while playing these games felt like fucking. I even went out for a smoke after cumming. 

This site focuses on hentai games and confirms that anime fans are the most perverted breed out there. Most gameplay on the site is sex simulation in which you have a POV view over some bitch who needs to be ravished. There are even games in which you play as tentacle monsters. But the most twisted games are the furry ones. Somehow, the sheriff ended up fucking a horse last night. And not in front of the saloon when drunk. He did it in one of the My Little Pony parody games. Then he went on fucking all sorts of other characters from cartoons and anime. He fucked Lois Griffin from Family Guy, that goth chick Raven from Teen Titans, and even that blonde cunt Elsa from Frozen. Damn, that was such a weird wank, but in a good way. Nothing shocked the sheriff in such a long time. 

These Nerds Should Get Their Shit Together And Fix Their Site 

You’d expect a better interface on a site that’s all about the fantasies of nerds. The site looks like the nerds owning it are trying to scare away non-nerds and keep all the cartoon pussy for themselves. But once you figure out the layout, you’ll come to find out that the functionality of H-Flash.com is quite good. 

What impressed the sheriff was the advertising. Although present, it never gets in the way of browsing and game playing. The content is well tagged, and the thumbnails are suggestive. There’s even a comment section under each game, which can be used anonymously without registration. But they still have to do something about that layout. The interface is available in English and Japanese. But don’t try to find Japanese chicks in the comment sections of the games. You’ll only find sissy traps pretending to be women. Don’t ask me how I know that! 


  • Pros

    Parody Games

  • Pros

    Non-Intrusive Ads

  • Pros

    Free Gameplay Online


  • Cons

    Shitty Interface Design

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