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Buxom sluts with angel faces and tiny waists who get fucked by men and non-humans... Where do we have that? Oh, yes! Hentai porn! Now, I wasn't always a fan of hentai, but to be honest, it's kinda grown on me. The more I write about it and explore it, the more fun I have, and this is because this is, indeed, a weird side of porn. Hentai porn is the only place where you will see angelic cuties getting fucked by giant octopuses and some alien appendices... It's unpredictable, and you never really know what to expect. The content you will find on Hentai Dude is free, so everything is at your fingertips for 0 fucking bucks! So, you have tons of hentai flicks, free content, the movies that load pretty quickly, and you even have many categories to take delight in! Hentai is a category for itself, so it's really cool how they have even more specific hentai categories. This might not be the first option of LGBTQ pals because they don't really have anything fap-worthy for them here, but other folks will like it. I guess. The design could look better, though. However, I would say everything else here is in order. If you don't have much experience with this whole hentai world, you might find it fucked-up at first. I mean, shit you see here is not something you see everywhere. Like I said, these sluts aren't even always fucked by humans! But because this is a world of make believe, it's freeing! Anything is possible! No limits, no rules! Just a lot of fucking - face, pussy and butt fucking! You even have incest hentai, mind control hentai, tamashii insert and kakushi dere scenes, stuff like gender bender hentai... This place is a fucking imaginary sex-topia!

Why is this category becoming so fucking popular?

I don't see anything here I hate, and you know I am very open about these things. From where I fucking stand, Hentai Dude has everything for those who are into this niche. I mean, this is a smaller part of the population, not everyone has a stomach for these kinky scenes, but it seems to me that hentai porn is becoming more and more popular, and it is going to be in the top 10 most searched for categories in the future. That is my prediction - sheriff the seer! There are many awesome hentai sites, but what I like about Hentai Dude is that it is almost like YouTube, or something... When you want to open a video, you will know everything about it! The name, the number of views, likes, dislikes, who made that video their favourite, and shit like that. I don't obsess over these things because I rather focus on the content and if the movies are good or not. But I guess it's cool to have all these features, it's definitely better than a site without them. I think you will like this site. Check it out! Other cool sites you will enjoy are AgentRedGirl & HentaiSexSchool


  • Pros

    Plenty of hentai porn

  • Pros

    Great categories

  • Pros

    It's fucking free!


  • Cons

    Let's do something about that hideous design, will you?

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