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Hentai Fox, a site for hentai manga lovers, who fap to strange stuff 

Recently I have been stumbling across premium hentai porn sites. I have written about several of them and, even though I was never someone who got the allure of hentai porn, as an open-minded sheriff, I do like to experiment in life. I also try new things with my porn, and these days I have been into hentai sluts! That’s why whenever I find a new hentai smut site, I feel like immediately sharing it with you, mofo! Today, here’s what I had in mind – HentaiFox! Everyone who finds hentai manga appealing should go to hentaifox.com because this is a very luxurious hentai site. You have free hentai manga here, from less to more specific categories. For example, you have shotacon gallery, demon slayer hentai, kimetsu no yaiba hentai, gender bender hentai, futanari and futanari urethra content. As you can fucking see, the list of shit to see here is extensive, and you will be pleased to find a little bit of everything. All hardcore hentai fans know that this is not an ordinary side of porn. It is pretty unpredictable, with so many unexpected acts and characters that constantly appear in these photos and vids. I don’t think you have videos on Hentai Fox because this site is dedicated to hentai manga, which means you have comics here, not mainstream stuff, like xxx videos, professional fuck flicks and homemade sex tapes. And this is adult manga, so expect a lot of juicy pussy drilling acts here, even though this won’t always be with human beings. But that’s hentai, sometimes you get to fap to weird creatures and monsters, or aliens who fuck slutty broads with huge jugs. 

Check out their awesome tags and parodies! 

The site is gratis and I don’t think you have anything here that is pay content. You will see various menu items, like Random, Parodies, Tags, Characters, Artists, Groups and Uncensored Hentai. You have a search bar and a cool greyish-brownish and orange design that actually makes me kind of hungry. It reminds me of cookies and cake. And the girls are are sweet as cookies, but they are not always colourful, but black and white. Yes, you do have some ads, but at least they were decent enough to place them at the bottom of the page, where no one even reaches them. You have a plethora of tags and parodies, and I like a good sex parody! The sheriff likes to laugh, and if he can laugh while watching his porn, that’s a big plus! But don’t tell anyone I am not always serious, I like my delinquents to be terrified of me! Now, as a supporter of any niche and category, I don’t even know what to recommend first! You should definitely check out their demon slayer hentai, kimetsu no yaiba hentai and even gender bender hentai! Use the search box to find all these things fast! That’s it! Sayōnara, kakushitsu! 


  • Pros

    A few ads

  • Pros

    Creative hentai porn

  • Pros

    Unusual and unique tags


  • Cons

    Still, they have ads

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