Hentai Sex School Comes With Some Next Level Virgin Porn

All right! Y’all nerds convinced me with your cartoon porn. I’m hooked on hentai now, especially after I discovered the Hentai Sex School. This new anime series is so well produced that it feels real. If the hentai community would put as much effort into banging broads as they put into drawing bitches they’d be porn sheriffs too. The Hentai Sex School is so awesome because it was produced by Adult Time. If you’re read my reviews before, you know how much I appreciate the Adult Time streaming platform. They are Netflix for porn and whatever they put out has the same high quality as the Netflix originals. Now let’s take a closer look at this cartoon porn series. 

This Is The Sexiest Hentai Series Ever Created

There’s one strange thing about hitting play on this hentai school series. The first moments will feel like you’re watching a Pixar movie. But that feeling will quickly go away when the schoolgirl hentai characters take off their uniforms. And that’s when the awe will strike you. I honestly suspect that an animator team from Pixar went rogue and started working on porn. How else would the tits and bodies of the hentai high school students in this series look so perfect? I’m telling you, mofo! The realism of the characters is through the roof. I heard some fuckers saying that this isn’t real hentai because it was made by Americans. Well, fuck those unpatriotic bastards! Americans beat the shit out of Japan in the second world war, and they’re gonna beat the shit out of them at their own game. This American hentai series is the bomb! 

I also heard a fucker saying that this hentai highschool series is a The God Of Highschool hentai parody. It’s clearly not! That God Of Highschool series is basic anime. HentaiSexSchool is a complex universe with original characters, all with their own personality and sexual abilities. There’s Scarlett Submissa, the dirty sex slave of the institute, Marvin, the nerd teacher with a fat cock, Mistress Malice, the badass dominatrix and Preston Longprick, the fuckboy chad professor, and Polly Amorie, a bisexual nerd lady who is open to fuck everyone. And these are just the professors. Wait until you see the sexy teen babes who are students in the sex school hentai. 

HentaiSexSchool Comes With A Massive Bonus

HentaiSexSchool is just a series from AdultTime. So far, they’ve put out two seasons. Each season has its theme, and the second season comes with new characters. It’s not just sex, although the sex is pretty awesome. It has a plotline that will make you watch just to see the story unravel. But you will watch with your cock out, jerking off. 

You’ll need to join AdultTime in order to get access to the episodes. But that’s the best news. Once you join Adult Time, you will get access to their entire library. That’s over 55,000 porn movies coming from all the best networks and websites out there, plus many other AdultTime original series. And they have even more American hentai, such as Futa Sentai Squad or Agent Red Girl. 


  • Pros

    Pixar Level Animations

  • Pros

    Awesome Storyline

  • Pros

    Massive Bonus


  • Cons

    Only 2 Seasons Out So Far

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