The Sheriff Went Down The Anime Porn Rabbit Hole And Now He’s Jerking Off On Hey Hentai

Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have fucked with anime porn. It’s the same with all the new niches that I try. I used to think that hentai is just porn for virgins. But all those characters who can take a massive cock better than any whore in my town have proven me wrong. I’ve spent last night on HeyHentai and jerked off to cartoons till I fell asleep in front of my computer. Judging by that, the site is pretty good. And it has some classic hentai manga content in which the stories of the episodes are just as hot and captivating as the sex action itself. I just hope no one in this town will find out about my new kink. Those fuckers wouldn’t get it!

Whats So Awesome About This XXX Anime Collection That Got The Sheriff Cumming So Hard

Let’s set some things clear! The hentai that comes on this site is a bit older. It’s not from this new generation of 3D animated porn. It comes with content that will soon enough be considered vintage. But the sheriff wanted to see where all the hentai craze originates from, and he explored the niche looking for some good old-school productions. The hentai on this site is so old school that the bitches have hairy pussies. Or it might be because everything on the site is original from Japan. Whatever the reason, the sheriff loves his pussies with a bush, so that was nice. Another thing that was nice was the fact that there’s no censorship on this site. Most of the sites with original Japanese porn, even the hentai ones, come with censored pussies and dicks. 

Now, the porn on this site is not exclusive. And that’s the reason for which the collection is so awesome. Basically, the fuckers behind this site have put together a best-off selection of hentai from throughout the history of the genre. You will find the best hentai movies of the 2000s and some from the ‘90s. But there are some samples from even before the 90s. There’s some anime porn on this site that looks like it was drawn by the horny Japanese equivalent of Walt Disney. 

When it comes to kinks and porn categories, HeyHentai covers everything popular in this niche. You get the busty MILFs, the loli teen girls, the catgirls and the furry babes, even some futa porn and traps hentai if you’re into cute sluts with cocks in their panties. Whatever floats your cock!

HeyHentai Is Powered By JAVHD

I kept the best news for last. If you’re into hentai, the chances are that you’re also into Japanese porn. Well, you’ll get tons of Japanese porn if you join HeyHentai. This site is part of JAVHD, the biggest platform for making original Japanese porn available for westerners. You’ll get 17 sites for the price of one and a massive collection of over 4,500 videos and just as many galleries. You get Japanese schoolgirls on SchoolgirlsHD, ass fucking on AVAnal, busty Asian sluts on AVTits, and even Japanese bukkake and gang bangs on GangAV. Now, that’s a hentai membership I can get behind!


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    Classic Hentai Videos

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    Variated Kink Offer

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    Massive Japanese Porn Bonus


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    The Bonus Is Not Hentai

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