Excellent Domain Name For A Gay Site - 

Yes, it is an excellent name but is that all that is good for? Y'all know that Sheriff is not impressed by shallow things and having a good domain name is one of those shallowities that only get me mad! Yes, I did say the word shallowities... Anywho, these fellas who love shoving their cum guns up their asses are a dime a dozen. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites that deal with this type of content, and I assure you, if this one sucks, the Sheriff will bring the law as Sheriff can only bring it! 

Are the Fellas Sexy In The Videos? 

What kind of hell-raising question is that?! Of course, they are! They are gays. They have to be handsome! They take care of their bodies, eat oatmeal, do pedicures, and do amazing TikTok cringe posts! They have to be sexy if they are to be accepted in society. Now, enough with the dumb questions. The real question is, how good are the videos, and is the site worth my time? The short answer is yes. It is. It's clean, easy to navigate, and they have a shit ton of gay fellas exploring the inner cavities that God didn't mean to shed light on! Sorry lefties, but the Sherrif might be a tolerant son of a gun, but a Bible-reading one too. So, I respect yours, and you respect mine. Plus, the site is good, so what's the problem? And the videos are hot, based on what the viewers say. 

Does Has Good Categories? 

Once again, yes. It does. The problem with is not that it has gays licking each other's asses. According to the New World Order and Ellen Degeneres, that's not the problem. It's that regardless of the site looking nice and clean, organized and sorted, it kind of feels a bit sterile. I only use sterile needles when I get shot by low-down no good poachers who want to steal my sheep on my farm, so I have to get the bullets out. So I know sterile when I see it. It's weird. If I were gay, I'd probably bust a nut and shoot a load daily on, but since I'm a straight-as-arrow kind of a Sheriff, I can sense that this site lacks soul. 

Is Free? 

Yes, it is entirely free, and it is also ads free. No popups or advertisements will make you rip your hair off your head. This is a solid site. All of the elements are there, the search, categories, and good video selection. They even have games for you to stay even longer on the site. It's just that it's kind of too clean for my taste. The Sheriff loves muddy, dirty ground, scallywaggy, and kind of dark in a sexy way type of design. For a gay site, this is just way too Disney. Maybe I was raised wrong.


  • Pros

    Great Layout

  • Pros

    Perfect Upload Schedule

  • Pros

    Handsome Gay Dudes


  • Cons

    Without Comments There Is No Community

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