HoodAmateurs Review


Hood Amateurs, a site with ghetto cock slurpers who are nasty 

Who are hood amateurs? Ghetto sluts and their fuck mates, you freak! Black skanks want to have fun with some giant brown schlongs and they are not even ashamed of it! Slobbering on cocks is what they do best, and what other skills to display on a site like this? HoodAmateurs is a site where you will find delicious ebony porn with the skankiest Black sluts ever! Black hood rats and incognito bitches who are 100% amateurs feel like doing some porn, so everything they do ends up on this fantastic site. If you want to see ebony ghetto chicks getting plowed, know that here you can, for free! The website is compiled out of homemade sex tapes, and how do we even have them here? Users submit them! That’s right, my pervy friend, everything you see here comes from the users, and things they do! Hood Amateurs has around 500 pages of smut, which you must agree is a decent number. If every page has 10 videos, that is 5000 smutty flicks, right? And maybe this number is even bigger now. The site was launched in 2011, which means you have a decade of smut with hoes from the hood. But I don’t think they fucking remembered to upload videos all the time. Still, this is not what we should focus on. What is important is that you have thousands of flicks you can jerk off to, on an interface that is pretty solid. What’s not so hot about this site is that all the videos have the watermark of the website. Bummer! This always annoys me, and I fucking hate it! We know these are clips from the site, why point it out even more! But the whole interface is decent, nothing here makes me hate it. 

Real amateurs and scenes filmed with phone cameras 

There are many free and premium black porn sites, but I chose Hood Amateurs because the site has delicious content. These are real amateurs, babes from your every day life you may know, someone who was never trained to be a porn star or a performer. In fact, most of these videos were made by a phone camera, or something shitty, so don’t expect stellar quality like on some premium sites. Ads won’t be the biggest issue here, but you will have redirects, which can be quite irritating. If you like raw and passionate ebony porn, I don’t think this will be that biggie because you will focus on all this incredibly smut. They have a deplorable tagging system and various popups that will make you want to leave the site fast, and another thing I hate is the fact that you won’t be able to find a video you liked. However, the action here is something that will make you want to stay and explore the site further. If you ask me, the site deserves to be on my list, but it’s not perfect. 


  • Pros

    A free site full of ebony porn goodies

  • Pros

    Passionate, raw action


  • Cons

    Ads and redirects

  • Cons

    No helpful search option

  • Cons

    Atrocious tagging system

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