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Shemales are very popular today. So many fellas decide to inject silicone in their chests and turn into ladyboys. So, now we have many folks with both dicks and tits, and since it’s freaking 2021, it’s not weird at all! If they are still healthy and happy, why not? People can do anything, as long as they don’t break the law and hurt someone. If they do the former, the sheriff is here to arrest their sorry asses! If they hurt someone, but it’s not really illegal, this is not exactly my area of expertise, but I disapprove of immoral bitches! The only depravity and immoral acts I support are the best porn sites and sex tapes, that is the only fucking unscrupulous stuff I don’t mind at all. And if you want to have a cock and jugs, go for it! Many bitches do, so we have sites like HQTrannyTube to take delight in. Everyone who visits will see a shemale fucks guy vids, crossdresser porn, ladyboys like Kim Carta, Valen Jonex, Sue Lightning, Ella Venus, Kayleigh Coxx, Jessy Dubai and more well-hung sluts. The site screams HD tranny porn, and this is a decent crossdresser tube, with all free trans porn, so you won’t have to pay for anything. The site has an interesting logo and design, it’s not like other tranny tubes I have written about before. When you land on the main page, you won’t see thumbnails and tabs. You will see images for all their categories instead, and here you have words like hypno, pissing, sissy, cum compilation, monster cock, beautiful and more. It’s a beautiful page with so many yummy categories to explore. 

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On a white background, they placed all these images and each one serves to depict a certain category, like I said. There are many categories here, but I don’t know the exact number of flicks. What I do know is that this is all free trans porn, nothing is pay content. Because this porn is not ordinary, you also have categories that are unusual, like self facial! This is a fucking weird shit, no? These trannies jack off and they cum on their own faces. This is only something you will see here. I don’t even think HD gay sites have this. So, I opened a video taken from PornHub, and the star of this flick was a very pliable shemale. In the vid, she actually sucks her own boner, and toys herself with an ass sex toy at the same time! She has fishnets and short blonde hair, and she looks so weird like that, but it’s kind of sexy. This is the first time I see someone sucking his own dick, to be honest. And I see the content is not exclusive, so don’t expect anything original here. But if they borrow from PornHub, I guess this is quality smut. This sex tape ends with this ladydude cumming in his own mouth. 


  • Pros

    Steamy free trans porn

  • Pros

    Content from sites like PornHub

  • Pros

    A rich list of categories


  • Cons

    Content not exclusive

  • Cons

    SD quality of flicks

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