Hucow reddit for people who like it milky!

Hucow? What is that, for fuck's sake?! You don't fucking know? You are an idiot! But we already knew that, didn't we? So, hucow is a person, and this is someone who engages in... um, lactation, all for sexual purposes. These are bitches who have milky breasts, but this time literally... and they exploit it fully, just because they know some sick fucks like it too fucking much! When some sick fucks see bitches lactate, they go all pulsating down there and they like this whole lactating porn thingy. Sick! You are so sick, you losers, and I don't know what to say. Except for... I kind of get it! I know, I am a fucking hypocrite. And today I will write about hucows. If you type hucow, hucow reddit, r/hucow, anime hucow or even male hucow, you will find some pretty interesting photos and videos... Since this is a review for r/hucow, I will only focus on that. This is a very cool subreddit that has a little bit of everything for those who are into lactating smut. These are bitches who like having their nipples sucked, but not by their babies. They use all this milk just to have sex fun! What she-devils! I am appaled! Honestly, this whole milking babes process makes me sick... and aroused at the same time! It just gives me mixed feelings, like pregnant porn. And don't even get me started on that! Pregnant porn is something that not every stomach can handle. And it turns mine.

Not all pics here are pics of hucows??

Some of these photos here are not even hucow photos. No milk, no lactation, and sometimes no tits at all! I don't fucking get it! If this is a hucow reddit, why the fuck aren't all pics and gifs dedicated to that? Some of these chicks look adorable and all, but they are not lactating! What's the point in having all these sexy ladies naked and sexed up if they are not being milked? After all, this is the milky side of smut! This is the first thing I notice that bothers me a little. Also, the site's section's customisation - why can't they never customise their subreddits so that not all of them look the same? After so many visits, and there is just so many subs here, things get old. It looks plain and dull, nothing new here to be seen! Except for the content, but the content is not even all as they promise. Some of these pics are just babes dressed up like anime characters, and some pics are just drawings! This is cool and all, and I dig the diversity, but if this is a lactating subreddit, I think they should be true to that, no? It fucking sucks to see so many pics that are non-lactation pics! But what do you think, my sick little pal? Will you have fun on this subreddit?


  • Pros

    Lactation porn that is original

  • Pros

    Free lactation content for sick fucks

  • Pros

    A site we all know


  • Cons

    Many pics here are not lactation pics!

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