I can't believe I got addicted to another Japanese porn gem - Idols69

Here cums the sheriff, after spending hours on the steamy Boy, these guys and their chicks from the far East are unstoppable. They do it all! I have never seen girls going that wild and I am know sure that Asian ladies are pure hoes in the bedrooms (other places included, too). They are passionate and every scene makes my tool rise up all the way. Just when I thought I was finished, the cute brunette schoolgirl uplifted me again. So here I am, after taking a cold shower to clear up my mind, writing my impression of Idols 69. First of all, the name is not there by accident. If you are a 69 fan, you'll get plenty of it. But, it is not the main thing here. There is literally everything - solo chicks stroking their clits or rubbing a guy off, blowjobs, fingering, anal drilling, threesomes, fucking around in the gym, on the job and other places. So, believe me when I say my new mission is checking all those places off the list, but as I tend to pick up hoes wherever I go, I don't think I have many from the list left.

All Japanese chicks look young and beautiful

Idols69 mostly presents the hottest Japanese babes. Mind me, they are all hot and most of the time, you won't know if it's a teenager or a MILF, unless you check the title. If you threw me in this marvelous country, I would fuck any chick and there would be no way for me to know her age. After all, it is rude to ask a lady about her age, so it is a win-win for me. Unlike most sites, some of the Japanese Idols 69 vids are censored and some are not. It might be a downer for some, but the uncensored ones are greater in number, so you might need a little bit of patience until you reach those. Otherwise, you needn't worry as there are hundreds, if not thousands of the videos to check out. And not just that, but photo galleries, too. Check out the categories if you like something in particular, but I just go with the flow and try to see as much as I can.

Any babe up to be one of my Idols 69?

Bear in mind that this is all about hardcore porn, but it is not always straight couples. If you are addicted to watching two pussies intertwine, you will be pleased with lesbian videos. Needless to say, but all the content is in HD, so no need to smash the screen cause it looks like it is streaming from the previous century. In short, the sheriff thinks that Idols69 represents JAV porn in its true light. The prices might be a bit too much for some, but you do get a lot of things to enjoy. And Japanese pussycats are my weak spot, so I'd spend all my money on those, so I might be biased in this case. Check it out and see for yourself.


  • Pros

    Thousands Of Japanese Porn Videos

  • Pros

    Rough Lovemaking That I Adore

  • Pros

    Juicy Lesbian Action As Well


  • Cons

    Empties Your Pocket As You Don’t Want To Cancel Subscription Ever

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