Crazy bitches are kinky as hell on ImLive

Hey horny moron, how are you today? Up for a hot site with an insane model base? Want to see sexy babes, thousands of them? I might just have a site for you... Heard of ImLive? If you really want to see models getting dirty, this is the right place. Why do bitches here are serious whores? Well, there are so freaking many of them, and they do want to be the best, earn their coin... So, the competition is strong, and this means one thing - these crazy bitches will do everything to grab your attention. They will play alone, with toys, with other people... They will poke their asses, lick these toys after it, spit, squirt... You know, the basics of every good porn site. This is a sex cam site, and the shows are live and wild. A really awesome thing about the whole place is a neat organization, and how they categorized everything. All these categories will actually help you find the models you like. But this is not even all. They have candy shows. Know what this is? You get to enjoy a preview of a show for free. This will help you decide if you want to spend money or not, something like getting a taste of the action before even seeing the real deal. And trust me, these insane motherfucking bitches are so kinky, so nasty... There is nothing they won't do here, all for the attention. I'm loving it!

Millions of users spend money on this shit and stuff

This shit has like 60 million users, which means so many crazy motherfuckers who are desperate for pussy are here with you. And when you see all these sluts, you will understand why they keep coming back here. It's a real buffet, and I mean all kinds of amateurs and even pornstars. The design here is great. I really mean it. The layout, the whole site's presentation, the organization... It is simple, it is super-easy and you will always know where to head to. I mean, you won't because you have so many options and you won't even know what slut to see first. Amateur or a pornstar? They are all here, slutty and ready for you. Yes my motherfucker, let's enjoy this ImLive bitch together. Of course, this shit costs money. What did you expect? A free tour? All these stupid fucks are greedy as hell and they only try to impress us because these bitches want money, money and more money. And hey, they are doing fabulous work here, let's be serious for a moment... But if you want to have fun, this costs moolah, not beans. It would be cool if it costed beans, though... Jack and the magical beans! But hey, these whores are fresh and kinky, and they want tips to show you how nasty they will go for you. Everyone wants their piece of the pie, right? And since these folks swim in money, it must mean they are doing things right.

Worth the money... Or not?

So, what do you get when you click on a slut here? You pretty much get the basics. The video room, the standard webcam video, you know, chatbox, lots of cutesy buttons to tip bitches, and shit like that. If you are retarded you won't know how to manage your way through this shit. I mean, really, I think my grandma would know what to click on here. Shit, why do I now see my grandma tipping naked faggots who surround her because they are desperate for money? Someone get these thoughts out of me, fast! Naked sluts, naked pornstars, naked women, naked MILFs... Oh good, I am back. So, where were we? Oh yes, so this ImLive shit... It's not cheap, and here are some other flaws. They do have free teasers, but they are limited. You won't be pleased with that. Also, the video quality issue... Yeah, limited. Not so stellar. And not to forget - you need to disable your ad blocker. So yeah, these are some issues here. I mean, it's still a dope site and these folks are serious, they know what they are doing and they earn their coin because of that, this is a big player we are talking about, so it's definitely worth your time and money. Want to see how it looks like now? Check it out and see what I am talking about.


  • Pros

    Thousands of babes

  • Pros

    Great features

  • Pros

    Strong competition

  • Pros

    Free previews


  • Cons

    Limited free teasers

  • Cons

    Expensive models

  • Cons

    Layout that is outdated

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