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There are not that many aggregator sites with free and premium videos, which is why might be among the better ones out there.

Ixxx.Com Offers Easy Filtering

One thing I fucking hate when it comes to having sites that have both premium and free videos is when you cannot filter a single type of content out, and luckily, does it perfectly. You can select to see free, premium, or both simultaneously, which helps to browse an aggregator site quite a lot. Next to that, numerous categories can help you narrow down your search. You can also use some other search options to find the perfect video to wank to in the collection of over 55 million videos that has to offer.

Content Quality Is All Over The Place At Ixxx.Com.

Something that pretty much any aggregator site struggles in one way or another is filtering out high-quality content from shit-quality content, and even if there is an option to search for “HD” only, people need to fucking realise that 720p is not what people expect today when “HD” is tossed around What a bunch of fuckers. Oh, another thing! One would expect the premium to be high-quality only, but that is not the case. Some premium videos look awful, and the worst part is that you cannot even see them before you register on the sites they are hosted on. My advice is to stick to free content only.

Expect A Shit Ton Of Ads

This should come as no surprise, but browsing for videos on sites like these is like playing Russian roulette. Some videos might have zero ads, while others may have over twenty coming at the same time. Yes, I counted the mother fucking number of pop-ups I got on one of the videos I wanted to check out. Fuck the ads.


  • Pros

    Millions of videos

  • Pros

    Filtering Niches Is Easy

  • Pros

    Both Professional And Amateur Porn


  • Cons

    Lots Of Ads

  • Cons

    Video Quality Is All Over The Place

  • Cons

    Browsing For Premium Content Is Not Worth It

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