They Make Them Porn Angels At JapanHDV

Did you know that porn could be elegant and crazy filthy at the same time? It's all the way you present it. Your favourite sheriff decided to share his favourite secret with you - JapanHDV. All my fellow masturbators that fall under the Asian love spell the moment they see a babe from the far East won't have enough words to thank me on this one. But no worries, all the things this old sport does are for your pleasure. I know some young kittens among you are only discovering the world of adult delights, so with my great knowledge and fucking experience that so many envy, I cum to the rescue!

You Can't Miss Anything When It Is Uncensored And With Subtitles

The way Japan HDV presents its porn is beautiful. You see a simple site design at first, but only after selecting a video do you learn just how smooth these guys are. As soon as I opened a delicious video of a Japanese cutie lying naked on the table with food over her slim body I got heavy excited. First of all, when you play a video, the whole page falls into darkness and you get no distractions. This detail deserves applause as you get to focus on the thing you are after and not bullshit around it. They bought me already with this one. What you also get are subtitles, in case you are a confused virgin and have no idea what the adults might be on about. For me, it usually isn't really a big deal, but these videos have original stories in them, so it adds reality to the scenes, which is quite cool. If you are an absolute moron and don't understand anything going on, you have descriptions under every movie that should explain it to you. If you still don't get it, I would have to ask you to get off the internet straight away and lock yourself away from humankind as Japan HDV porn does not deserve you! 

My Asian Fuck List Has New Members

Upon digging this gold mine, I found myself a new crush called Akari Asayiri. This fine babe is next on my list of famous Asian chicks that I fuck. There were so many, but this sugarpie hasn't seen such a tool that is burning in my pants. Oh, and did I mention that is my favUorite Japanese only porn site because all is uncensored and in HD? They allow you to stream and download (mind that they also have a certain download for your mobile, talk about real pros). Besides the option for Japanese porn download, you get photo galleries, too. And boy, I love it when they put juicy info on the stars. I update my master knowledge all the time, so I need details on the model's name, date of birth, height and their mini-bio. That is how I decide who gets on my fuck list, for crying out loud. I ain't banging some weird chicks no more, thank you!


  • Pros

    Gorgeous Asian Chicks Just As I Love Them

  • Pros

    A Lot Of Vids

  • Pros

    Even More Hot Chicks


  • Cons

    I Felt Like My Time On Earth Is Too Short To Get To Fuck All Of Them

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