The Sheriff Says: You're Not A Wuss If You Play With Jerk Dolls

Anybody knows that a cowboy should never play with dolls if he's not a sissy. But I'm here to make an exception from that rule. As sheriff of these wild porn lands, I hereby declare that any horny man has the liberty to play Jerk Dolls. This new sex game was created for horny men with horny dicks who need some cumsluts with tight pussies and asses to be the slaves of their desires. The game offers a large variety of sluts and customizable characters in gameplay that will let you please any dirty desire you might have. You'll shoot your load faster than I shoot mofos who are trying to wrong me in my town.

Jerk Dolls Is A Cum Draining Experience Only For The Nasty Players

Before we go on with talking about this crazy motherfucking game, I must warn you. I will accept no complaints from players who are too sensitive and get offended by the nasty kinks in this game. You're either a man who wants to destroy young girls or a whore MILFs with his cock, or you're a sissy, case in which you should stop reading here and go jerk off to romantic comedies or whatever you like.

Jerk Dolls is more than a game. It's a virtual world in which all kinks are possible. You will have so much liberty of fucking hot chicks in any way you want. You will get to sling a massive dong and break apart the pussies and asses of these virtual chicks. There are no blowjobs in this game. If a cock goes near the lips of the cumsluts, it's sure for ruthless face fucking with amazing gagging sound effects and with spit that covers their eyes and tits. You'll turn these hotties into slaves with fuck holes deserving to be filled with cock and cum until the game makes you cum in your pants without even touching your dick. And you can be sure that such a thing will happen!

Play A Game And Feel Like Fucking

The sheriff doesn't waste his time on crappy porn, and you know that. Jerk Dolls wouldn't get a recommendation from me if it wasn't a game worth playing. I played it myself, and I managed to hold my cum back for more than 10 minutes, which means that a novice like you will probably cum after two minutes of playing. But you'll be so amazed by the realism of the game that you'll keep on playing, with your dick covered in your own jizz until it's big again so that you can use your previous cumload as lube for the second orgasm and so on. Jerk Doll lets you fuck teens, MILFs, step-sisters and even famous cartoon and anime characters. But it also gives you the chance to customize your own sluts in a lot of detail. Make them busty, make them skinny, or even make them pregnant. You can make them look like anyone you know, and please secret fantasies. Another great game to check out is  the extreme porn games


  • Pros

    Extreme Porn Gameplay

  • Pros

    Realistic Sound Effects

  • Pros

    Babes Customization Menu


  • Cons

    Makes Players Cum Too Fast

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