KeekAss Is A Great Source For Shemale Pornography

Do you enjoy watching porn with a bit of spice? The porn industry has gathered such a massive collection of different pornographic movies, that you can basically find whatever makes you feel good. If you are in the mood to watch chicks with dicks, then is definitely a good choice. This website offers a little bit of everything, but each video features at least one gorgeous shemale in action. There’s just something incredibly mesmerizing about watching a hottie who has a bigger cock than you, right? Well, the chances are that all these hotties are well-endowed, and since the website is free, you can take your sweet ass time. 

Lots Of Porn Content With Hot Trannies

The whole point of is to offer a lot of pretty shemales who love to fuck. Of course, you can expect a huge variety of content, even if the main niche is all about transsexuals. This means that you can expect to see all flavors of pretty ladyboys. Some enjoy getting their ass plowed every which way, others prefer to be the ones doing all the plowing instead. The quality of the videos and the overall content will vary a lot, but that is just one of the perks of a free website.

The videos offered in HD will have the HD tag on them, but even that is not entirely accurate. In today’s world, where people consider 4k to be HD, anything less than 1080p is trash. Thus, most of the videos labeled as HD on are not actually HD… at least not by PornSheriff standard. I also want to mention that the overall search options are not the best. You only have categories, with no advanced searches. Since Keek Ass has over 1.4 millions of porn movies… that’s quite a stretch. 

The Design Of Is Not That Great

Do I like the design? Hmm…… The sheriff is not a massive fan of the colour pink!!! But apart from the colour pink, I can’t complain too much about the design compared to other porn sites out there. This is the second perk of free porn sites, they tend to look like utter garbage. Now, is not entirely as bad as some other porn sites sheriff has browsed through. However, I have also browsed through many premium sites, so my standards are pretty high .At least the browsing is simple, all the searches are on top of the site. I just wish they would create a design that is not that bright, and does not make my eyes hurt when browsing for fap material at night. 

You Can Register To KeekAss, But That’s Optional

For everyone who appreciates user-features, you will be disappointed. Sure, you can register to, and become a part of their community. But, considering that their community is quite inactive, there is really no point in doing so. If you plan on sharing your porn content on, you should register, otherwise there is no need to. Overall, I think that as long as you enjoy shemale fucking, this site is a good choice… if not, hey there are many other tranny sites. 


  • Pros

    Millions Of Free Shemale Videos

  • Pros

    Both Professional & Amateur-Made Content


  • Cons

    Some Annoying ads

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