Kenny Comix is a steamy hentai xxx site 

KennyComix is a splendid hentai porn site, something I wanted to share with you because it has fucking captivating content! Yiff party, futanari urethra, a bunch of delicious futanari photos in general, stuff like furry futa and even guests like Lewdua futa (this is another artist that draws futanari porn) – this site is not for everyone because not everyone is an appreciator and connoisseur of futanari porn, but a small group of people will be into it! Kenny comix, or has

Premium hentai Porn that you will like if you are drawn to more bizarre sides of… well, porn or this universe. Why do I say bizarre? Well, futanari porn deals with hermaphrodites, and furry futa characters are not even humans, these are some hairy creatures with tits and cocks, and don’t even get me started with futanari urethra! As a sheriff, I have seen everything in my life and career, so nothing surprises me anymore. You have to be open to all sorts of occurrences because you never know what will hit you! And this is not the first futanari porn site I am writing about. I have already reviewed That Pervert, Lewdua and more, not to mention I have dealt with other fetishes, and I’ve even written about cock vore, creatures with enormous penises, so big that other beings can fit inside! But Kenny Comix is definitely one of the best hentai porn sites, because of so many things. I simply like the colors, the design, how they market themselves with that big banner… When you land on the main page, you will see a banner that says ‘Sexy Sluts VS BBC’. This is the only innuendo that you need that the site is going to be very dirty, especially with these faces all covered with jizz.

Creative, funny and smutty

This is also an artist, or maybe even a group of them, who work under the same name. You will see the link to Patreon, and if you want to support the work of this pal, or folks, you can donate, but you have 3 plans to choose. 2 or 10 bucks, whatever you choose, it’s really dirt cheap, even fucking cheapskates would approve of it! This is an interracial site, so giant black schlongs ravage the coozies of anime and cartoon sluts , who are mostly insanely busty and slutty. They have pinups and comics, and they mock shows like Riverdale. Don’t you love a good xxx parody? Here you will see chicks from various shows and movies, all getting dicked with giant dongers. When you go to Gallery, here you will be able to choose your favorite characters, and it’s very cool, a rich list you will like. They don’t have Kim Kardashian, but they do have Kim Possible, and chicks from Scooby Doo. They have comics like Little Red, but they say Riding in the Hood. I like this play with words! But like I said, it’s a great site, both smutty and amusing!


  • Pros

    No ads

  • Pros

    It's free and cheap if you want to be a patron

  • Pros

    Creative, funny, artistic, smutty

  • Pros

    Delicious hentai smut


  • Cons

    It's a niche not everyone will get

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