Kink Allows You To Choose Straight Or Gay Porn Before You Even Enter The Main Page

Once you go to, you will get addicted like a junkie! This is a premium porn with exclusive content, and you will find themes like ultimate surrender, fucking machines, sex and submission, bondage and device bondage here. Of course, this is a pay site, which means all this kinky porn is full HD and you don’t have to expect anything less than that. You have Kink BDSM pornstars who do obscene things here, and they let their fuckers treat them like some two-bit trollops who can be slapped, spanked, tortured and spat on. Before anything else, you choose straight or gay section, which is something I fucking like. They don’t blend these two things and you can choose your orientation immediately. You don’t even have to bother seeing what you aren’t interested in. Because I like to have fun, I inspected both gay and straight porn for the purpose of this review. They are actually very similar, but straight porn is more common and you have more stars you fucking like to fap to here. But both sections are equally good, and you have everything you need. 

Slaves In Pain, Screaming And Having... Fun?

I have just entered the main page. Ok, it’s overwhelming! They have so much hot stuff here, but I see a lot of bondage, fucking machines, ultimate surrender and other ugly acts. To me, this shit is ugly because I am not into severe BDSM porn. I don’t say no to spanking and maybe handcuffs… What kind of a sheriff would I be if I said no to handcuffs?? But what I see here is way kinkier! I see chicks and dudes chained and tortured, and they scream like some bitches! I always wonder how these sex slaves are really feeling when they are being punished, choked, whipped and caged. Why do some people like hogtied girls, who look like they are in so much pain? I mean, isn’t sex all about having good sensations? I am not a big fan of BDSM, but I guess I don’t disapprove of it, if that is what makes these submissive folks happy. If something makes you tingly down there, why not go for it? It’s not illegal. 

So many goodies, so much to explore here on Kink

Their organisation is modern and immaculate. The first menu item is Browse, and here you will see channels, scenes, models, directors and studios. This is something I like. You also have a list of categories with a dropdown menu, but they don’t have many. It’s a BDSM site with kinky porn, it is already a category for itself, and it’s very specific. You have an online shop here, their Kink Store! You can buy BDSM toys and treats. They even have workshops! If you are a kinky little mofo, you can check it out! It sounds fun, but not to me. They also have, their own live sex website. Awesome!


  • Pros

    Crisp BDSM Porn

  • Pros

    So Many Menu Items and Sections

  • Pros

    Gay and Straight Sections Are Separate

  • Pros

    They Have a Workshop and a Store!


  • Cons

    It's Not for Weak Bastards

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