LamaLinks Brings The Feel Of Nostalgic Porn Magazines

Ahh, nothing brings back memories of the good old days like dirty mags. Thankfully those days have passed, and nowadays, I have chicks lining up to ride my cock. The moment I stepped foot into, I was transported to the past, where pics were the only way to bust as a youngster. Now, I know the only videos back then were pixelated tits on TV after midnight, but why focus on photos in an era of 4K and VR? Well, yall already know I’m a fair man, so I’m heading inside with an open mind.

What Kind Of Pictures Are They Anyways?

You better buckle up buckaroo, cause will take you on a wild ride that’s full of twists and turns! Now, I’m not one to over exaggerate, so you best believe me when I say that there is literally every possible category imaginable. From innocent teens who’ve just entered their slutty stages to milfs who’ve already been stretched out enough to handle five cocks at once. Navigating through pics is done with ease due to the extremely simple and dated design the site chose.

Are The Photos Any Good?

As the Sheriff, I ain’t gonna ruin my reputation for some random website that’s caught my eye, so I’m not going to go easy on I expected to see some hardcore plowing when watching porn, but I have to admire the balls it takes to focus on pictures. Speaking of which, I haven’t come across a single photo that wasn’t shot in great quality, including homemade and old ones too. So I’ve gotta give props to the site for managing to pull off a magazine-style website in an era where you can pummel anyone with your VR headset and computer.


  • Pros

    High-quality pictures

  • Pros

    Professional and amateur sluts

  • Pros

    Plenty of categories to pick


  • Cons

    Zero videos

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