League Of Legends Parody

This Game Is Going To Get Anyone Addicted To The League Again

I might be the sheriff of this town, but I keep things running around here. I make sure everyone is doing their part. And that’s what I was doing when I went from home to home, shooting up all the gaming computers that I could find when the whole town was playing League of Legends. They’ve been ignoring all their duties, from the whores at the saloon to the mayor. It had to be done. To make it up to them, I promised that I’ll let them play the League Of Legends Porn Parody when it will be out. That’s the least I could do for the poor mofos. Well, that day has come and I hope they won’t relapse. I don’t want to be shooting computers again. 

The League Is Not A Porn Game

If you’re one of the crazy dudes playing LoL all day, take a break and have a wank to this awesome porn game parody. The game is coming with everything you need for a fun time on the web. It has no story, it has no quests and no battle arenas. It’s basically a sex simulator in which all the characters were replaced by hot chicks from the game you love so much. There are over a dozen bitches from The League that you can fuck in this game and they all have special sex abilities to make them interesting and to reflect their theme from the original game. My favourite hottest girls of this game are Evelynn, Jinx, Fiora, Irelia, Morgana and Zyra. I’m not going to list all the bitches you can fuck in this game because I want to give you the chance to discover them all by yourself. The action is coming to you in first person perspective, so that you will get to live all those fantasies you’ve always had about the LoL hotties. The creators are still managing this game and they add new whore champions as soon as they are added to the original universe. There’s also a word around town that the developers will soon add some male characters too for the queer community. I don’t know if that’s true, but Mortimer from the convenience store will surely love the idea of pleasing his gay desires with some games at last. 

No Need For Install, Registration or Payment

I’m so happy that this game works on mobile too, because otherwise I would have had to let all the horny guys of the town come to my house to play this game since I shoot all the other computers around these parts. And you can play the game on mobile too. No matter what device you use and no matter what browser you choose, the game will work. As this subheading say, there are no strings attached to this offer. You can play the game simply by hitting the link I provide. 


  • Pros

    LoL Parody Game

  • Pros

    More Characters To Be Added

  • Pros

    POV Gameplay


  • Cons

    No Male Characters

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