Feet porn on legsjapan.com is nasty and delicious! 

You know what, mofo? I was never a feet person. In fact, I don’t think I have an unusual kink at all. But lately I’ve been interested in feet more than ever before, and I have watched some very sensual performances by hotties, such as Elsa Jean and more. Elsa was so cute and yummy in that flick, and she was posing while showing off her little white feet, before she gave a smoking hot footjob to a chocolate mofo. It’s always sexy to see blonde cuties receiving throbbing ebony schlongs, and this footjob was part and parcel of that scene. And I was very much engaged in it, I wanted to see the whole damn thing! I also saw more feet fetish videos that day, where studs sucked feet and chicks gave footjobs. Like I said, I was never impressed by this body part, but now... I get why so many jerkers are into it! And hey, if ladies have sexy feet, why not treat them to some delicious toe sucking? In sex and war, everything is fair! I know they say love, but who would ruin sex with that ugly emotion?? The sheriff has no time for love and shit like that, there are so many deliquents that have to be busted and put behind bars, but I do have time to talk about feet and legs because this fetish is becoming huge! Today I will talk about Legs Japan, a foot fetish site... or is this more a leg fetish site? It looks like it’s both! If you like feet porn and foot worship videos, here you can watch footjobs performed by sweethearts from the East! 

The organization and the JOIN page 

Not everyone is into this feet porn, but if you are a sucker for good-looking toes and heels, you can find some juicy footjobs here, where you will see cute babes trying this kinky thing. Is this really kinky? It doesn’t deserve to go on the list of the kinkiest stuff, that’s for sure! I mean, there is always scat porn and insanely sick phenomena like cock vore in hentai porn, but hey, it’s bizarre to some prudes... But when you think about it, prudes don’t like lots of things, even such as innocent as a handjob. Fuck the prudes! This is not a site for them, it’s a site for you, mofo! Legs Japan is easy on the eyes, and they have lovely tabs, large and written in a nice-looking font. Below these tabs, you have your feet porn content, and the tabs say Home, Preview, Samples, Girls, Members and Join. You don’t have sorting options, but they do have something exciting – you can pay in your currency, wherever you come from. You will see how many bucks or euros or pounds or francs the memberships are. The only flaw of the site is that it looks so fucking girly! And yes, it’s slightly expensive than most smut sites. 
You should be sure to check out Footsie Babes & Taworship.com also.


  • Pros

    Gives foot fetishists what they like

  • Pros

    A lovely design

  • Pros

    Gorgeous Japanese lasses


  • Cons

    Pricier than most sites

  • Cons

    No sorting options

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