Lesbian Stimulation

Both Cowboys And Cowgirls Are Playing The Lesbian Simulation Game

There are towns out here in the Wild West where women are sexually oppressed. But not in my town, buckeroo. Here, cowgirls can be as horny and promiscuous as cowboys. Maybe that’s why the priest closed down the church. He didn’t leave the city, tho. He lives with the Austin sisters at their ranch, watching them do lesbian sex and jerking off. That’s one lucky bastard, I tell you. But you can have the same experience with this new Lesbian Simulation Game. If you know chicks as well as I do, then you know they love playing sex games too. And you’ll also know that amongst their most preferred kinks, lesbian porn is often time taking the lead. Well, this is the game that brings the entire horny frontier together. 

Enjoy Lesbian Shows Or Be One Of The Dykes

What’s great about the Lesbian Simulation Game is the duality of the gameplay. You can switch any time between first person POV gameplay to third person mode. In the first person POV you will have control over all the aspects of the sex as a lesbian. You can be dominant and make your partner worship your ass or sit on her face, or you can be submissive and give your best to please your virtual dyke lover. You can scissor, squirt and there’s even lesbian femdom action for BDSM lovers. On the other hand, when you turn third person mode, you will control both girls, like a sex God. You will command them to do anything you want. The game has many other kinks. There is strap on cocks to be used, there are lots of other toys, and the goal of each interaction is to get both girls squirting on each other. If you make them squirt at the same time, you unlock a secret extasy mode which brings special kinks that I don’t want to spoil. 

This Game Has All Kinds Of Lesbos

The beauty of Lesbian Simulation Game is in the way you can select and customise the characters. You can select from a long list of characters. Reminds me of the Mortal Combat game, because the characters are all different. You have everything from petite to BBW, from teen to Cougar, from shaved to pussy and from white and Asian to black, Latina and even Indian. And each character has a special ability. The Indians come with crazy sex positions. Black chicks and Latinas have awesome ass movements. Asian chicks are very submissive and so on. You even get babes from animations and cartoons. You can make Lois Griffin fuck Marge Simpson and Kim Possible get fucked by Elsa’s ice strap on. But the best part is that you can create characters from scratch with the custom builder. Play with sizes, shapes, ages, hairstyles, outfits and even facial traits. Recreate your GF and her BFF or your mom and sister for some of the wildest virtual lesbian experiences you will find on the web.


  • Pros

    Realistic Lesbian Simulation

  • Pros

    POV And Third Person Cameras

  • Pros

    Wild Sex Experiences


  • Cons

    Needs More Squirting

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