Lewdua Review

Lewdua hentai porn with furry futa characters 

Sensitive content warning... Don’t you just love those sites where they say this? You know there will be nasty things here, and the kiddies are not allowed to enter. That is the case with a site called Lewdua, or lewdua.blogspot.com. Right away they warn us that things we will see here are not for everyone. But here’s what you can expect: yiff party, futanari urethra, a lot of futanari porn in general, and furry futa! Once you confirm you are of age and can handle this type of content, you enter this lewdua futa world, where you will see smutty hentai fetishes. I am in love with this organisation and layout! The second you land on the main page, you will see 

naked hentai sluts with, of course, giant boobs and adorable faces, and these are some adult comics and photos. You have regular people and you have more unusual creatures, like furry futa beings, or whatever this is. If you read my review for the site ThatPervert, these two sites are very similar, but not in light of the design and organization, but when it comes to the content. This is another site where you have hentai photos of horny, nude hermaphrodites, usually with both large tits and dicks. I like the diversity, at least they have it to an extent, and by this, I mean they even have ebony futa characters. Scrolling down will bring you more content, and when you are done with the first page, you can click on more posts. So, they don’t have pages, you just have to click on this link a lot. 

A simple design, several patron plans 

The design of this site is simple, just like the one I saw when I was delving into That Pervert. It’s a white background with grey, black and pink details, so it’s even kind of girly, so macho men will probably find it silly. The posts don’t contain a lot of info, just titles, comments, the share button and upload dates. And it’s almost like Instagram. Fucking Instagram. Except, it’s better because here you have porn, and on Instagram, you have shit. Sure, if you visit Insta profiles of Mia Malkova and Riley Reid, that is not shitty, but even they are not as provocative on their Insta profiles! Here you don’t have pornstars, and you don’t even have real life chicks and fuckers, just futa characters with enormous boners. You can also become a patron of Lewdua and support the work of this artist, but you don’t have to splash out here, you have a 1-dollar plan, and the most expensive plan costs 15 bucks. This is dirt cheap, but is helps the artist. And don’t be a cheapskate, mofo! You have to be generous in life, give some to get some. That’s why all the chicks love the sheriff! I pay for their dinners, I pay for their stuff. A real macho always splurges on the ladies! 


  • Pros

    It's free, or very cheap

  • Pros

    Artistic hentai porn

  • Pros

    A futanari fetish you can enjoy

  • Pros

    No ads


  • Cons

    Not everyone will be impressed by this fetish

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