LobsterTube Is For All Bottom Feeders 

Lobster Tube sure does sound like some kind of trap for catching all types of sea life – and you will get your dick stuck in it for a while, dangling like a fish in a hook. But I have a better guess for why they chose this name for a site like this. is not your regular porn sharing platform, young sailor. It’s a porn aggregator. And a porn aggregator lets you explore the immense depths of the planetary ocean of porn. Only a lobster could know what lies at the bottom of the porn world. And he’s going to share it all with you on this platform. 

Careful Not To Drown In Pussy On LobsterTube

Ok, enough clowning! Let’s talk porn now. LobsterTube is one of the leading porn aggregators, trusted by all my friends across the West. This is where they come when their dick demands massive amounts of porn and rare videos from obscure categories. That’s not to mean that you won’t find a lot of mainstream porn here. The category of Teen(18/19) alone has eleven million videos.

Also, you get separate porn categories for Mom (roleplay) and MILF (age group), each with about seven million videos each. Other top categories like Japanese with two million videos, BDSM with another two, or Lesbian with over three million. You’re not dreaming, mofo! I am just like your wife. Meaning that I’m also not fucking with you. There’s a total of over 46 million free streaming porn movies ready for you to browse. 

In such an obscenely colossal library of porn, you will indeed find content for any obscene fantasy haunting your dirty mind and possessing your cock. This sex tube is an excellent source of any ethnic or nationality fetish. Personally, I like wanking to Arab porn, especially on Lebanese sluts like Mia Khalifa, but in legit homemade porn. Well, this is where I find it! And other freaks friends of mine find their fix here too. The mayor, a huge closeted sissy, is always getting his FFM pegging threesomes from here because the site brings both amateur and premium porn for free. That Chinese guy who operates the new dynamite warehouse in town gets his tentacle porn from here. And that’s because the site offers lots of very hard sex videos of live-action tentacle porn, both from Japan and the West. Which honestly is just slimy bondage, in my opinion. So, what’s the dirty porn secret that you’ll try pleasing first on this vast adult tube? 

LobsterTube Doesn’t Host A Single Sex Movie

No, this is not the moment when I tell you it’s all a prank. There are literally ZERO sexmovies that you’ll stream on this site. Because this site is just like Uber, which offers you the most extensive public transport network, but it doesn’t win any cars. That’s what a porn aggregator does. It only handles helping you search porn videos from all across the world of free adult platforms. Or at least the safe adult platforms and where you can watch a video in decent quality on a buffering-free player and uninterrupted by in-video ads. 

Browsing through 46 million videos requires no distraction. You will also be spared the ads from the moment you enter the site to when you click on one of the results and get redirected to the free streaming site where the video is hosted. The aggregator is free of ads because they get paid for this service by those sites where we’re redirected as traffic. 

Bottom line, LobsterTube gives us more porn and less ads. That’s a pretty good deal, mofo! Dive into it!


  • Pros

    Over 46 Million Porn Vids

  • Pros

    Lots Of Rare Kinks And Women

  • Pros

    Free Access And No Ads


  • Cons

    Video Streamed On Third Party Sites

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