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As the sheriff of the porn realm, I do enjoy finding a good tube site. However, when it comes to, there is one thing that I immediately have to point out, and that is that the site certainly lives up to its fucking name. But, owned by a Lord or not, I am still the sheriff, and when it comes to judging porn sites, I am still the law. On LordofTube, you will be able to find millions of porn videos, and while the site certainly has lots of videos that lead to a tube site, the itself is an aggregator site.

LordOfTube Has More Categories Than You Will Ever Need

Something that I really enjoy is when a site has a great search engine. One with lots of advanced settings to play around with. Well, while this site does not have all of that, it does have one bar that you can type keywords in. Surprisingly, doing so does a great job, and other sites could learn from this.

Quality can be all over the place

Since each video can take you to a different site, the consistency of quality is not established. Sometimes you can get a decent 1080p video, and sometimes you can get 780p videos. While this is far from today’s 4K standards, it is completely free, so it is fine.

LordOfTube Is Full Of Ads In Disguise!

There is nothing better than browsing for porn without any interruptions. While LordofTube will let you do that, as soon as you click on a video and get sent to a different site, you will be smacked from every fucking side, like you are participating in a good damn bar fight. I fucking hate when this shit happens, and you should want to keep your that Ad-block locked and loaded.


  • Pros

    Millions Of Free Porn Videos

  • Pros

    Amateur And Professional Porn

  • Pros

    Easy To Browse


  • Cons

    No Advanced Searches

  • Cons

    All Videos Lead To Sites With Ads

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