Manga Hentai is a hot adult comic site with ads 

If a site is called Manga Hentai, it deserves to be on my porn directory, do you agree? I guess you do, you are reading this, right pal? And if you do dig these adult manga sites, you are one cooler mofo than I believed! How much do you even know about hentai manga, the best hentai manga on the web, stuff like manhwa hentai and webtoon hentai? Personally, I don’t know much because I like my chicks real, with real, palpable pussies and assholes, you know, the ones I can poke! Anime bitches and bimbos are sure fire hotties, with their prominent breasts and hummingbird waists, adorable voices and irresistible ahegao faces, but can you really penetrate these cunts? You can fap to them, and if beating your salami is all you want and need, I will now start talking about Manga Hentai, or First of all, this site is dedicated to drawn folks, cuties that get banged, but only on paper. Screen. Whatever, the important thing is that these are adult comics, something you won’t really find anywhere else. Compared to Near Hentai and Melkor Mancin, which are also adult comic sites, this devil has ads! And they are very conspicuous, on the very main page! They might be the first thing that reaches your sight, and these are some ads related to stuff from your country. I know these SEO bastards always find a way to advertise something from your country, books and other shit. I do support the books, though. Your sheriff is a book worm himself. Ha, bet you did not know this! I am a surprising motherfucker, bitch! But don’t tell anyone I am a smarty, it’s better they think I am stupid and can’t arrest their sorry asses when they are naughty! 

This bitch is overwhelming! 

So, when I enter the page, I see a lot of links and tabs and shit, and I don’t even fucking know where to head to first. Where should this escapade begin? Manhwa hentai? Webtoon hentai? On the main page, you will see their popular and latest webtoon hentai updates, and you basically have a lot of scrolling to do if you want to see all the stuff they have. You have numerous pages of this manga smut, which is something I am very fond of. I don’t think all these comics are adult comics, some of them are really sappy and lovey-dovey, and what fapper really needs this thing? You need pussies and asses, no? But if you continue exploring this site, you will see that they do have smut, but it’s actually just a category. So, this is not really a porn site, it’s just a free comics site, with some dirt. But hey, just give me porn, I don’t care how you pack it! And it’s kind of cool to have a little bit of everything here. You can come to Manga Hentai even when you are not horny. 


  • Pros

    A free comic site with adult mangas

  • Pros

    A lot of other categories to boot


  • Cons

    Ads and too many links

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