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Manyakis, manyakisart, manyakis gif and manyakis nsfw - what does all of this mean? Manyakis is a Philippine word and it means a sex maniac. These are fellas who get weird around women. They might behave improperly because when they are with women, something makes them go crazy. And this subreddit called r/Manyakis is where you will see some magnificent artwork with a bunch of naked anime babes who are insanely sexy. This entire section is devoted to mostly cartoon characters and just drawn naked bitches. It's actually pretty tempting for hentai lovers . Everyone who is into drawn ladies who like to get naked and masturbate will like it here! I see some pretty hot stuff and some weird hot stuff. For example, a video where you actually see a drawn chocolate figurine of a hottie who is naked. Below this I see some cuties who are chubby with bunny ears, holding some dildos in the woods, probably preparing to hit it off with them, out in the open. Some of these things are pretty weird and unusual, but we are all used to anime, right? Well, if not anime shows, than definitely hentai porn! Honestly, I was never the biggest fan of hentai. Never hated it, just never really loved it. Like, I love hardcore bitches getting drilled in the pussies, I love pornstars and I love sexy amateurs who fuck and film it. But I don't love hentai. However, it kind of grows on you.

The basics on Reddit

So, the more you scroll down the more you will see this place is amazing. You are already pretty familiar with Reddit. You know all its nooks and crannies, you know that this is a free site where you have a lot of different things. You have porn as well. They have new and hot stuff, and you can share anything you want. A great thing about Reddit is that they have so many sections, with pornstars, amateurs, naked film stars, singers - everyone! All these photos and videos, as well as gifs are posted by their members. Some subreddits have over a million of members, some have more or less. This one is pretty small, with only 14.8k members, but this is just because people don't know how to find it. Now you know what manyaki is, and if you are one of these sex maniacs, you will like it here! But I guess you also don't know how to act around these ladies, stud! After all, you only have sexy time with your hand, and you don't know what to do when you actually meet a lady. I know you, mofo! You wouldn't be spending to much time here if you weren't so sex-crazed and klutzy. But the sheriff will teach you everything you need to know! You will be the number two stud in the town once I am done with you! Why not number one? Only the sheriff reserves the first place!


  • Pros

    So much great free content

  • Pros

    We all know Reddit

  • Pros

    Great for hentai lovers


  • Cons

    Not many people know what manyaki means

  • Cons

    Videos and photos are all mixed together

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