Melkormancin Review


MelkorMancin – an extraordinary, artistic approach to hentai porn 

Do you like exclusive and original, authentic adult comics? This is not a niche for everyone, I know. Most people would rather stick to something mainstream, what most fappers are into. But if you like to explore your options, and hop from one niche to another, discover new smut sites, some of which are not even ordinary, you may like a site called Melkor Mancin. When you visit, you have unusual porn here. For instance, Melkor Mancin comics and Melkor Mancin sexy hentai dirt. Before you even get to land on the main page, you will see a buxom short-haired anime slut that is kind of welcoming you. Here you can read everything about the site’s content and features. To be honest, I really, really like it because this is very rare to find. You have their terms and rules and a brief overview of what you will find, so they inform you that this content is 100% exclusive and you have some hentai pinups. Of course, only adults can enter, which means no one younger than 18 is allowed here. When you accept their cookies or ignore them, you can start viewing the landing page, which looks very easy on the eyes and artistic. I would say this organization works and everything is great here, but it’s different compared to literally every other xxx site. You have some predominantly purple banners, with gorgeous girls (but drawn ones, not real ones), and a lot of white links. This large banner should show you what the latest update is. It’s awesome! 

Free and pay content 

I see they have a Twitter page, free galleries, site tags and characters. I guess this is crucial, if you want to be well-acquainted with the site’s content. There are only 8 heroes here, 7 chicks and one fella, Bob. You can click on the name, and a new tab will open, a page where you have info on each character. Here you will see what traits these protagonists have, and what comics they appear in. It’s really fucking cool and twisted because these are just drawn, imaginary folks, but they have their own pages! Anyway, Bob is some oldie who likes to smoke, and he looks like he will bang all the ladies here. But since he appears only in Sydney comics, maybe he only gets to nail… we will say Sydney? Some content here is free, but not everything you like will be gratis. Even if you want to see some of the pay stuff, the prices seem reasonable. You have ratings and tags, not many of them, but enough to get your bearings here. All the girls look adorable and ordinary, except for their insane body assets, like giant tits and waists that are too damn thin. But they are lanky and fit, their eyes are large and their hair has various colours. And I have nothing more to comment on, I said everything you need to know! 


  • Pros

    Beautiful design and presentation

  • Pros

    Free and pay content that is artistic

  • Pros

    An unusual approach to porn

  • Pros

    Something different"


  • Cons

    It's not for everyone

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