Metal Gear Parody

This Metal Gear Solid Parody Game Is Intense, Mofo!

You know that I can’t stay away from anything that involves hardcore sex and guns. Metal Gear Solid Parody is one of those games that had me playing all night. I came a couple of times while playing this game. But did I stop from playing? No I didn’t. And I bet you won’t stop while playing it either. It’s intense, it’s dark, it’s hardcore and it has all the kinks and fetishes that you might want to try in real life. I’m sure that anything you want from a sex game can be pleased by this amazing adventure. You will surely enjoy every minute spent playing Metal Gear Solid Parody. Let’s see what makes it so hardcore. 

Hardcore Sex To Make Even The Most Brutal Players Cum

First of all, let’s talk about all the realistic sex that you’re going to enjoy while playing this game. The action might take place in a futuristic universe with solders that are wearing all kinds of crazy gear and carrying guns that are way more interesting than the old iron I carry at my hip all day. But the sex is just as hardcore and realistic as the one I have with all the ladies in this town. The game is focusing on sex play alone, with some RPG elements that will take you from one sex scene to another. They gave up on the shooter part of the game, because there are way too many titles in this category doing that. In this game, the ladies are all submissive. The men are ruling all their holes. There’s pussy drilling, anal sex and deepthroating in every fuck scene. There ae also threesomes and gang bangs. But the threesomes are all MMF, and some players would love to see two of these submissive chicks sucking on a cock and sharing jizz in a cumkiss. 

The Graphics Are From The Future

I’ve played so many games and I reviewed the best ones for you and my town. But it’s been a while since I’ve seen a game to look as good as Metal Gear Solid Parody. This game is coming with some amazingly detailed characters. I love how they kept on most of the uniforms and gears of the chicks during the sex scenes, because that’s what makes them so hot. But they made sure to reveal their tits, assholes and pussies for us. The movement engines are excellent, making the whole sex action look as real as you would watch a porn movie. But in this game, you get porn action that you control entirely. You can let the bitches service your cock or you can take control and ravish them until they can no longer stand on their feet. The sound effects of the game are completing the entire experience, with moans, screams and even mushy pussy drilling sounds when you go crazy on the cunts. All in all, if you’re brutal to the cunts, this is the game for you. 


  • Pros

    Detailed Character Designs

  • Pros

    Crazy Moaning And Screaming

  • Pros

    Submissive Cumsluts


  • Cons

    No FFM Threesomes

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