Monster Stimulation

Monster Stimulation Is The Sheriff’s Gift For The Wicked Porn Fans

The sheriff never gave into all the bizarre porn trends over the years and I’m not watching anime either. But when this game came out, I had to give it a try and see what’s all about. Well, Monster Stimulation finally opened my eyes to some fantastic kinks that I’ve never thought I’d have. In this game you can enjoy some of the most realistic and brutal monster fuck sessions, in which human girls are captured and forced fucked by all kinds of crazy creatures. The imagination of this game’s creators is amazing. They came up with some incredibly sick, twisted and arousing sex acts. The graphics are mind boggling and even the sound effects are scary. 

It's Like BDSM With Tentacles

The monster sex fantasy is all about domination and it looks so much like BDSM. It’s even more brutal and crazy than bondage and discipline porn. The chicks in Monster Stimulation have no pain threshold. They can take it hard in any hole and even if they scream and cry, they aren’t really suffering. But the screams and crying seem so real that you might start feeling sorry for them. In all the sex scenes of this game the story is kind of the same. There’s a girl you have to chase and when you catch it you can do to her whatever you want. What’s interesting is the fact that you have many monsters to play with and many chicks to fuck. Some monsters have tentacles, others have massive penetrating tongues, and there are even monsters with two dicks for double penetration. After you’re done with a slave girl, you can fill her up or cover her body in fresh monster cum, which depending on the monster you’re playing will be of a different colour. 

The Graphics Are Scary And Not For Everyone

Before you go play this game, make sure you’re a true twisted mofo. I won’t accept any complaints or whining from any of you. And I’m not responsible if you wet the bed after you cum playing this game. The graphics are amazing. The monster textures and the crazy way in which they look will get some of you horny. The girls are so realistic and I like that each monster fucks a different girl. There are sexy vixens, skinny teen chicks, and even a BBW. Some of them look western and some look like anime girls. You can play this game on any device you might use for porn. It doesn’t need to be installed and you won’t have to register or any crap like that. It’s a straightforward browser game that can be played by anyone with a horny dick. Come play this game tonight and let yourself enjoy some of the wildest monster sex adventures that the internet has seen. But make sure not to get caught by your wife playing the game. She will make you sleep on the couch. 


  • Pros

    Realistic Monster Sex Experience

  • Pros

    Different Monster And Female Characters

  • Pros

    Plenty Of Gameplay


  • Cons

    Screams Are Too Realistic

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