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If you want a scrumptious porn comic site, I have a site for you, my mofo! Have you heard of MultPorn? Porn comics may not be the most popular thing in this biz, and only some fanatics and curious mofos sometimes wander away and reach these pages because people want real dirt, real-life sluts and genuine pussy dicking. However, just because we like it real, it doesn’t mean we should say no to sites like Porn comics can be pretty juicy, especially when talented fuckers create this art. This porn comic site offers a lot, things like rule 34 comics, furry porn comics, hazbin hotel porn, Ben 10 porn and so much more. If you have a favorite cartoon character, you will probably find that bitch here, but naked and dicked by another drawn bastard. I fucking like Mult Porn a lot because when you land on the home page, you will see a big artistic banner of an orgy. This is some orgy party with characters from pretty much everywhere! This fucking sells the place, and I am so buying it! I like it so much that I just want to see more. I like this design so much that I even don’t mind these fucking ads, which are not even some cartoon characters. And below the menu bar, which is actually very abundant, you will see images of drawn, naked bimbos. Some of these pictures are too insane. You either have tiny sluts, who receive giant fat boners that are bigger than their torsos, or you have aliens fucking chicks from cartoons like Family Guy. But this is the world of porn comics, where anything is possible. Everything is fucked up here, so why not draw some fairies who hump insanely fat dongers? 

The fucked-up world of hentai porn 

They have an immense number of tabs and links here, so much of everything that you won’t even know where to head to. You have Comics, Manga, Pictures, Rule 63, Gay, Hentai pictures, Games, Sex game, Video, GIF, Humor, Best, Random, New, and Search. As you can see, they have so many options, and tags are below, just like some other buttons (characters, authors, etc.). The right side is where they placed more tags, so here you have phrases like alien, elf, fantasy, futanari and more. If you are any familiar with hentai porn, you know what to expect. These corners are always fucking weird, the strangest stuff on the web. You have insane categories and themes, things that don’t even exist in real life but some bastards have come up with them, I don’t even fucking know why. When you click a tab here, you will open an ad, and you have to close it to be able to continue. Disaster! Tabs have dropdown menus where you can sort your options even further, and this makes the site so rich. If you want to see the videos, these are only hentai porn clips. 


  • Pros

    Free and easy to use site

  • Pros

    Yummy hentai porn

  • Pros

    Cartoon characters going dirty


  • Cons

    Only hentai porn here

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