My Drunken Star - drunk babes having fun naked!

Do you like unusual sites devoted to drunk girls? We all know slutty girls are so much fun when they get drunk and wasted! Even when they are sober, they do sexy things, but after a few drinks, they go wild and try new dirty acts! So, I have a paysite for you - MyDrunkenStar, and it is entirely a place for girls who drink and do something sexy, kinky or just dirty. But this is not an ordinary site, mofo. You actually have to pay for movies one by one, if you want to see them. There are no monthly memberships, just views that you pay for. However, this might not be the most unusual thing here. The point of this site is not to see the babes fuck or suck dicks... It's actually to see them piss and pool, puke, pass out! This fucker is simply not for everyone! It is not for easily nauseated folks, it is not for those who throw up the second they see someone else does it... This is for those who have a stomach for this shit - you won't have much sex scenes and stuff like that, but you will see gorgeous chicks who don't know what glass should be their last for today. All the content here is exclusive and you can enjoy it for a small price... Well, the more you pay the more videos can you see. Interested? If you like drunk masturbation, drunk girls having sex, drunk blowjobs, drunk college sex, drunk and horny moments, you will be interested!

Exclusive content, but not much of it

The content of MyDrunkenStar is exclusive and you will only find it here. The scenes are very original, and every girl here must drink an entire bottle, and we follow the whole process from the beginning until the end. The whole point is to get the babes wasted, so they puke and piss, do pretty fucked up shit... They babble, get naked... Of course, when these girls are given a sobriety test, they fail every single time! To be honest, I am not sure how fap-worthy this site is, and you don't really have many blowjobs, fucking and things like that. However, it is definitely different than other sites and you do have some nudity. Better than nothing, no? The videos are all stellar because you have that high definition we all like to see! You have 5K videos and unlimited downloads, and so many alluring fucking sluts in HD! It's a dream! The site is user-friendly, everything works fine if you ask me. But I do have things to complain about, though. The scenes here cost 15 bucks, but WDgirls members will pay 9 per scene, which is quite a good deal! The theme is pretty unusual, and not everyone will like it, so think about it... Do you want to spend so much money on something like this? At this moment, you don't have photos and you only have a small number of scenes. The files are large, so it takes a lot of time to download them.


  • Pros

    Nice Clean layout

  • Pros

    Plenty of drunk porn videos!


  • Cons

    This Site can be expensive if you become addicted!

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