Don’t Let The Cowboys Know I Love This Game, Mofo!

There are kinks I’m proud of, but my kink for the My Little Pony cum sluts is not one of them. I don’t want the rest of the town find out that I have a thing for the little pony asses in this game. They will think I also fuck their horses. Which is not true! I hope. There are some nights when I get blacked out drunk and I wake up in the stall of the horses. But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the My Little Pony Cum game, which is one of the only games I keep secret. But I feel safe telling you all about it on this site, because I know that so many of you are bronies, just like me. I’ve seen some of you on those Rule 34 forums, don’t hide! 

The My Little Pony Porn Game Is Finally What We Need

Damn, you have no idea how long have I been waiting for this game. Or for a game like this. There are so many MLP porn games out there, and they’re all fine. But they lack something that I need for total satisfaction. What they lack is a POV sex simulator gameplay experience. My Little Pony Cum is bringing that. In this game I can finally feel like Rainbow, Pinkie, Trixie and all the hotter pony sluts are finally slurping and riding on my cock. And they also made my avatar black. I’m not black myself, but that’s about the size of my dick. In this game I can finally fuck some pony sluts. I can fuck their cunts and asses from behind, I can fuck their throats, and when I feel lazy, I can just let them take control to worship and ride my dick until I cum both in the virtual world and in real life. 

And that’s not all the action you will get when playing this game. There’s also a third person play mode for some extra kinks and fantasies. It’s reserved for when you want to see the hotties fuck each other in front of you. Not only that you will be able to enjoy lesbian shows with the pony cum sluts, but there are also futanari kinks you can enjoy. The ponies can turn into shemales and you can enjoy a wonderful trans sex experience with them. It’s the most twisted MLP porn game you’ll see. 

Play My Little Pony Porn For Free

This hardcore sex game that’s going to please your MLP fantasies comes to you for free with no strings attached. Not only that, but the site on which is played offers complete anonymity. They don’t ask for your email and the connectivity to the servers is encrypted. You can let your My Little Pony porn fantasies run wild on this site and no one will ever know your secret. Fuck these little horses, mofo!


  • Pros

    My Little Pony POV Sex

  • Pros

    Futanari MLP Kinks

  • Pros

    Discrete Gameplay


  • Cons

    No Multiplayer Mode

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