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Homemade sex tapes on MyLust and delicious free amateur porn! 

Hey there, pal! Let’s commence this review by telling you I have a new site in store for you, to feast your eyes full of lust! And speak of the devil (lust, in this case), the site is actually called MyLust! Hah, what a cute name, no? I have become a fan of this little fucker, and that is because of bouncing boobs and amateur swingers I can find there, as well as puffy pussy, midget sex, hidden camera porn scenes and more! You have steamy car blowjob scenes on, and a shitload of homemade cuckold sex tapes. And that is not even all! This amateur porn site has ex gf revenge videos, and this is all free amateur porn, so nothing costs a fucking dime here. But if you ask me what I like the most, I don’t have to think twice when I say their beautiful extensive list of categories. It is lavish and comprised of so many goodies we enjoy fapping to, things like the best interracial porn, big tits puffy pussy clips, twins, police... Yeah, they have shit so specific they even have professions, and they also have many stunning midget sex tapes. But I just have to say once again how I love this police category. I mean, finally a category for the sheriff! You really have a little bit of everything here, slutty police women (in costumes, not real ones), police officers who bang slutty chicks who get caught red-handed... You finally get to see how a day in the sheriff’s life looks like! It’s like my freaking sex diary! 

Lovers of amatuer sex videos will freak out here! 

And this is a site that actually has a lovely layout. You know how the majority of these free amateur porn sites are the epitome of fucking clutter? Not this little devil! I like how they organized these tabs and thumbnails, and you don’t have too many links that just make some kind of a messy heap. No, I give them the thumbs up for the order here. As a sheriff, order is a very important thing to me. I am all about law and order! When I see they know what they are doing and they behave well, I have no reason to put them in my jail. Well… They did place some irritating ads here, so they definitely spoil my home porn on MyLust, but honestly, I’ve seen worse ad offenders. Adfenders. It’s OK to put an ad or two, just to earn a few bucks, but when every click ends with a fucking pop-up, that is the behavior I like to punish! And I like their domestic tab, here you have the most home porn and amatuer sex videos with lovely incognito chicks who have their fun boxes destroyed from ruthless dicking. You can even see a community of users from your country, mofo! That is on the right side of the main page. 


  • Pros

    A beautiful list of categories

  • Pros

    Everything is free, and the site is rich

  • Pros

    A lovely organization and design


  • Cons

    Ads, these little devils

  • Cons

    Not all videos are HD

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