Near Hentai is an astonishing adult comic site 

When you visit Near Hentai, you will go to an unusual porn site. First of all, I will ask you, do you like porn comics? If you do, NearHentai is a place for that, and it’s a hot and cool artistic approach to manga porn. is a place of Boondocks Hentai, Deku Hentai, Aerith Hentai, Yoichi Yukimura and more. Basically, if you are familiar with sites of this kind, maybe a site like Melkor Mancin, you know that the main page presents you the protagonists. These are your heroes whose sex life you will follow, and while Melkor Mancin has only one dude, here you have more pals with dicks. Some of them you may know, others will be less familiar or not recognizable at all. These are characters from famous and less famous cartoons or something else, or their parodies… I am not really sure, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my last episode of Pokémon. We grow up, you know… The sheriff is now older and mature, with so many responsibilities and folks that depend on me. I have no time for weird little creatures who come from some balls and fight until they look silly. However, I do have time for a cool sites like Near Hentai, where you have these characters, or those who look very similar. This is a site of adult comics, and yes, you will see a lot of busty naked coozes here, but not real ones, just drawn ones. If you have this fetish and you are into manga porn, I think you will love 

A free site that is no BS 

I don’t even notice a thing about the design here. I don’t see anything that is bad-looking or shitty, and these folks don’t have ads! The landing page is very simple and straightforward, but this is not where the dirt is. You will first see all the characters, and when you pick someone you like, you will be taken to a page where the smutty fun begins! Let’s say you choose, for instance, Anya Loup. I picked this sugar… well, drawn imaginary character because she is a blondie with glasses, and has blue eyes that look naughty, especially because her tongue is out. She seems playful and kinky. When you click on her image, you can open the page with her comics. I am not sure she is the main hero in all of these mangas, but she appears in them. You don’t have bullshit here, no redundant links and friends, no navigation tools, just the characters and the adult comics. And if you want to see more, you scroll down – it’s one of those platforms. It’s like Reddit, but a little bit different, and with only mangas. The site is free and it looks luxurious in light of these comics, and you don’t have much info on the mangas, just pics of smutty acts and the titles. It’s actually a fun place to spend time! Another cool section of the sheriffs site you would love is the Premium Hentai & Manga Porn Sites Category.


  • Pros

    A cool side of porn

  • Pros

    Manga lovers will be thrilled!

  • Pros

    Hot characters


  • Cons

    Only for a small number of fappers

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