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Bedpage Saved The Sheriff’s Sex Trip To New York

I rarely leave my town, and I like to try the local babes wherever I go when I do. I’ve spent my last weekend in New York, and man-o-man, did I have a blast? I used Bedpage to easily and safely hire a couple of escorts and have them all come to my hotel room. It all started on Friday evening with a thick Colombian girl I paid to use my head as a chair. I can still feel her assprint on my face. I went out on Saturday, and I needed someone who could party hard with me. I found a crazy 28 year old Philipina babe who matched me for drinks and then fucked the shit out of me in the hotel room until the sunrise. She was so wild that they kicked me out of the hotel the next day. Worth it! I wanted to treat myself with a threesome for Sunday afternoon, so I looked for bisexual escorts. I paired a blonde and a brunette who were so into each other that at one point, I was watching them scissoring and jerking off from the side. All this was possible thanks to Bedpage, which is why I want to recommend it for anyone who wants to hire escorts anywhere in USA, Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world.  

Why Choose Bedpage Over Any Other Escort Directory?

Bedpage is one of the most trusted escort services on the web. It’s a Craigslist for escorts without scammers, catfish accounts, and cross-dressing creeps pretending to be women. Bedpage has several anti-scamming features which will keep you safe and grant you a fantastic escort experience. 

From a technical point of view, the Bedpage escort directory is on point. It’s straightforward, with profiles where the escorts can describe themselves, their bodies, and the kinks they’re willing to do. You’ll also find the rates of the babes in their profiles, along with their availability for incalls and outcalls. And most importantly, you can find the photo galleries through which the babes are advertising their goods. 

There’s a handy browsing feature on this site, which will let you go through the escort offer based on their pics. You have to switch the browsing mode from “top” to “gallery” and you’ll get to browse based on body appearance. I also love the high percentage of escorts who are showing their faces. When a sex worker shows her face in such pics, you can be sure she’s a professional.  

Bedpage Has More Adult Services For Us

Besides crazy sex experiences with hot escorts, Bedpage is offering a large variety of other adult services. They have male escorts for when you want to impress your wife with a gift on her birthday. They have a dom and fetish section where you can find a dominatrix to put you in your place. There are even body rubs ads for when you want to spend some time in the company of a hot naked girl grinding on you, but you don’t want to technically cheat on your partner. So, trust the sheriff and choose Bedpage for any horny and naughty needs you might have.


  • Pros

    Clean Interface

  • Pros

    Detailed Profiles

  • Pros

    Browse By Pics


  • Cons

    Too Many Options

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