Reddit ninjartist is a hot page where you have movie stars naked!

Don't you just love artistic motherfuckers who are talented as fuck and like sharing it with the world? There are many insanely talented mofos who like playing with porn, and they like making stuff that is actually fap-worthy. If you check out Ninjartist on reddit, you will see this little bastard likes to play with movie and show characters, and what he does is gets them in all kinds of sexual situations. Even if these actors, well actresses in this case, have never done an erotic scene (some bitches are just so mean with their bodies, they want them only for themselves! Fucking non-erotic whores!) he still uses the faces and puts them on the naked bodies that get fucked by pretty much anything! Monsters, dildos, tentacles... Wait, what - is this some sort of a hentai page? But no, this is very realistic, no anime bitches, just faces of movie stars, and from what I can see, this fella really digs Harry Potter sluts! Tomb Raider, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings... This fella knows good movies! Ok, so the page is pretty abundant, and you can see the artist is prolific. He keeps uploading, and this probably takes time to create. Maybe these are many of them? And yet, everything looks very similar... I can't possibly tell. It's just a mystery to me. Or this is one very talented artist who leaves to create this shit, or these are more artists who do their work very similarly.

Why is Reddit in my fucking heart?

I know I said you have naked movie stars. Well, this is not entirely true. These are made-up characters, just something someone drew in a really good program. I really want to know what they used! It's just mind-blowing! And does Reddit need introduction? You know this is a pretty popular site where you can find all sorts of materials? Funny memes, gifs from movies, porn content... From vintage porn  to trannies, you have things that are pretty general and favored by many, and you have very specific subs where you will only find things only a few jerkers fap to. But Reddit is in my heart! Even though I have reviewed so many subreddits, and now it just kind of looks too fucking plain because they never customise any of these subs, I still fucking love it because I spend so many hours here, fapping to all that delicious smut! Ninjartist dude is cool. I think I can definitely see these bitches in real scenes doing all that. If they are so fucking mean with their bodies, thank god we have studs like ninjartist to draw us whatever we want! The more I scroll the more I love this man! Or a lady? Could it be that women are so talented? Nah, it's probably just a dude! No woman can impress me like that unless it's in bed.


  • Pros

    We all love Reddit

  • Pros

    Great free art!

  • Pros

    So many famous faces on naked bodies


  • Cons

    No customization for the subreddit

  • Cons

    Babes fucked by monsters?

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