A naked celeb TV where you can watch sex scenes from movies!

You know what I think about celebrities - these are just more sophisticated pornstars! They pretty much do all the things other pornstars do! When you offer them enough cash, they get naked and fuck strangers for the camera! Or they get naked and take photos of themselves, and when we are lucky, that shit leaks and we can fap to these nudes! Well, sites like Nude Base give us the possibility to not wait for these nudes to leak, one by one celebrity! Here you already have a bunch of videocelebs, nude sex videos, a celebTV or something... Pretty much everything you need if you like naked stars! Sure, you can type hotcelebs on Google and you will probably get a bunch of pics in bikinis and underwear, or fully-clothed famous chicks! But this site helps you find all the nudity that comes from famous ladies you like! And these are not just fucking nudes! You also have steamy clips, captured moments of the hottest scenes of famous movies. For example, remember that iconic Meryl Streep's lesbian kiss scene? You have oldies and newbies, young stars and mature stars who fucked in a movie and now the site has these sexy moments saved here! I'm not gonna lie, not all the content here is what you need, especially if you are a hardened fapper who likes hardcore fuck scenes! But if you like this softcore bullshit I am not a big fan of, perhaps you won't find it that bad. You can also watch TV shows and movies on this site, and these are very juicy shows, where nudity is pretty much a thing!

A site that looks like a free porn tube!

So, Nude Base is a site that doesn't look bad. It reminds me of any other free porn tube, for that matter. The search button is at the top of the page, there are several menu items in the menu bar you will also see above, and you have videos and pics. What else do you fucking need?! When you visit the site, you will see all the popular shit, so the videos and nudes popular at that precise moment, which keeps changing, of course. And when you watch these scenes, some of them are just like actual porn - the acting couples really fuck for the camera! Actresses suck dicks, then these dicks go inside their little cunts... But these are erotic movies, not those mainstream movies where they just pretend to fuck. But still, even when they pretend, you still get to see boobs and pussies! Not much can be said about the site, really. I mean, the content is what interests you, no? The interface is easy enough for everyone to manage through it, with nothing here that is complicated to understand. And that's it. You have all the admins could have gathered from movies, and since some of these movies are erotic, these scenes are just like porn on Brazzers! 


  • Pros

    xxx scenes from movies

  • Pros

    Actual naked actresses

  • Pros

    The interface is decent


  • Cons

    The layout looks boring

  • Cons

    Some clips don't give us nude stars

  • Cons

    Comments say some clips are fake

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