Have You Seen The New Overwatch XXX, Mofo!

Man o man, how long have I waited for this game! When it came out, I dropped everything I was doing and went home to play it. We were planning a hanging for some dirtbag and when I got the notification on my phone I decided to let the guy live for another day. I even let him play for a while and offered him a last wank. Then I went home and played Overwatch XXX for the whole night. The Overwatch series has some of the hottest female characters in the whole video game industry. But there weren’t too many sources of porn with them. Thats until this game came out. It has so much gameplay time that it kept me busy until the morning. And the game can be played again because the replay value allows it. Let’s see what makes it special. 

All The Overwatch Bitches Are Ready For Your Cock

This is one of those parody games that focuses entirely on offering you a sex simulator experience with all the hotties of the original story that you know and love. And there are lots of babes in Overwatch to make you horny. There’s Widowmaker, Symetra, Mercy, Mei, Sombra, Zayra and of course the one and only Lexa Oxton, better known as Tracer. You can fuck them all and many others in this game. I love that there are so many sex scenes that you can enjoy. You can go for one on one sex with these bitches. You can let them do all the work and enjoy the fun from POV perspective or you can take control and fuck their holes until they can’t longer walk. You can also enjoy threesomes, but only FFM ones and you have the chance of being the only guy in a reverse gang bang simulation with multiple characters. The sex gameplay gives you so much control over the things you can do to these bitches. You can fuck them in any way you want, cum anywhere on their bodies, there are BDSM kins and even feet play fetishes. 

It Looks Just Like The Original Game

Maybe the reason for which we waited so much for this game is the fact that they put in a lot of work into making the characters look just like the original ones. I love the attention to details that went into creating the outfits, uniforms and gears of the chicks exactly like we know them. I also love that in the sex scenes, they keep most of their outfits on, while revealing their asses, pussies and tits for your dicks access inside them. The graphics are also excellent, with movement engines to make the entire action seem so natural. You will love everything about the game and it will give you one of the most realistic parody porn experience on the web. Play it now, on your mobile or computer, right in your browser and for free! 


  • Pros

    Overwatch Sex Parody

  • Pros

    Lots Of Characters

  • Pros

    Various Kinks


  • Cons

    No Male Characters

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