ParodyPass Added Hardcore Fucking To My Fav Movies

The Sheriff is back! I have spent the whole weekend watching some of my fav TV shows. Damn some of these broads make me tie 'em up and go nasty on 'em! So, I wanted to stay in that primal mood with these TV honeys. Then I thought of a little site called ParodyPass. This site does exclusive porn parody movies, so I went to see what they had for the Sheriff. Best. Idea. Ever!. They have so many porn remakes I thought I was going to bust a nut right then and there. It was from Hollywood blockbusters, cartoons to sitcoms, and other TV shows. Bonkers! You'll get to watch The Office – A XXX parody, a sex turn with True Blood's boys and girls, Sex And The City, the mysterious events of Scully and Mulder that lead to ruthless banging, the cheating Flintstones, Friends with a lot of naughty benefits if you get my drift and so on. The thing is, they manage to find perfect actors that resemble the characters, even though the cheap wigs and makeup are comical. But the sets are looking amazing, and the moaning performers also managed to show off at least some of their comedy skills. The Sheriff's baton was throbbin'!

Big Names As Popular Characters

When you're trying to beat the competition and make the actually best porn parodies, you need to do it smart. ParodyPass made sure to include as many details as they could and on top of that they invited some of the most popular stars to feature in their shows. There is the notorious Lisa Ann, the ever passionate Tori Black, India Summer, or even chocolate delight Misty Stone. These performers and their colleagues did a marvellous job recreating the full porn parody versions of TV characters. As this site was created back in 2010, not all videos are in perfect quality that we are used to, but it is all watchable. Since the actors are rather convincing, I let them off the hook for the lack of quality of all their movies. They do the trailers as well, and I loved the one with the vampires. As you get exclusive films, they also give you original photos that come with the movies. I don't know about you, but I adore the pics. Going back to old school methods of relieving oneself of toxins if you catch my drift.

Full-length Films And Extras

The films at Parody Pass last around two hours, so this is not the usual kind of porn you are used to. They are separated into a few scenes, and with some, you get bloopers and insights behind the camera. As the ultimate lover of the extras, I find this pretty amusing. After all, this is comedy porn, so bloopers add up ideally. You can play the entire 2-hour film or select the scene if you do not wish to skip the whole thing to get somewhere specific. There are short descriptions of each video and useful tags for further search. It seems they are not updating anymore, so I am unsure when there would be more of this. But I am happy with what I've got, they add up laughter to my porn adventures, and it works!
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  • Pros

    Original And Funny Sex Parodies Of Popular Shows

  • Pros

    Big MILF And Teen Porn Names

  • Pros

    Additional Photos And Extras


  • Cons

    Wish They Uploaded More

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