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In the porn industry, what does bring to the table? You have scat slaves, shitty anal and pooping porn, dirty pussy and messy anal scenes, disgusting porn that is too kinky and extreme that not everyone will be able to digest it… You have BBW scat and girls rimming scenes, and if you have this scat fetish, you will love it! I was shocked and appalled to see that the internet and teeming with scat slaves and shit sex maniacs, but it is how it is. There are many scat and piss sites that are actually decent, and even though the content is too dirty and messy, the sites are immaculate and clean. Ironic, no? But is one of those sites that will give you everything you need, if scat porn is what you thrive in. This is a free tube where you will see numerous human toilets. What does this phrase even mean? These are people who eat shit and drink piss from their fuck mates! You read me correctly, there are many sick fucks who are into that shit… and every other shit, literally! Human toilets like to lie down and wait for their sex partners to poop on their faces, in their mouths. They lick, taste, eat and swallow turds and excrement, and sometimes they do this with vomit. To them, nothing is gross! To them, this is nothing! To normal people, things like that could be pretty traumatizing, so step away from this side of porn if you are worried about your mental health. This shit is not for everyone, and if you are not a sick fuck, run away before you see something you will regret!

Uploading your own content with scat and piss

I write about porn all the time, and scat and piss sites are a part of it. I am already well-acquainted with this side of smut, and to me, nothing is new and shocking anymore. But I don’t want you to get traumatized, Even though you are a perverted fuck, I care about you and I only want you to go to sites like if your stomach can handle it. might be one of the most squalid sites out there, and it’s definitely highly smutty. It’s hard to process, you won’t last a short clip here if this is not your kink. The site doesn’t have a lame layout and design, but it’s also not wow! There are ads galore, which I hate, of course. I see so many unknown faces here, and some of these sluts and fuckers are users who uploaded their own content. Yes, you can do it here. If you seek attention, and you think scat porn is your area of interest, you can post your own videos where you poop, piss and someone eats and drinks it. Or vice versa. I see that the dirtier they do it, the more successful the videos are. The sheriff think you will enjoy and


  • Pros

    Great source of free scat porn


  • Cons

    Disgusting scenes

  • Cons

    Fucking ads

  • Cons

    Nothing too impressive

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