Plusone8 Has That Resembling Feel To It

I'd think I was on YouPorn if I didn't know any better. Even the damn heart in the letter O is the same besides the pink fonts. This is just the night mode layout. Damn! Did it really come to this kind of ripping off and running away with the loot? I've seen my share of diabolical in my days running and gunning in saloons, raiding trains, and spending the loot on harlots, or as your generation would call them, IG models. But c'mon! Plusone8 started on thin legs with me!

What Makes Plusone8 Different Than Most Sites?

Hard to say so far. I like that has a good mixture of amateur, homemade videos and mainstream popular ones made by big production houses. Anytime I can see myself fucking any of these broads is a good site for me. Usually, they come from the amateur, homemade category and, at times, from the pornstars one, where all the crazy floozies reside. Different? I don't know, man. Making a porn site today that's different from any other. It's like searching for a treasure in Texas 200 years after the gold rush has passed. Oh, look, I found this needle in the haystack! Is it possible? Sure, just like it's possible, you're gonna fuck Mia Khalifa. Right?

What About Categories, And Is It Free?

Yeah, the categories. Like that makes any difference. But yeah, they made it all clean, sorted, and organised with enough high-quality content to last you 133 years. Like I said, man, this site is just a YouPorn rip-off, and I can't say whether I like it or if I should go and find the site's owner, tie him to a chair and start extracting information from him, Steven Segal, style. Hiiiiiya! Judo chop and all that shit. I mean, it's good, the shit is good, but I have moral issues since I know the behind-the-scenes, and it's personally bothersome. Call me a porn site-o-file. 

How Are The Videos, Any Good?

Are you kidding me?! I shot a rope so thick it hit my girl in the eye! She wanted to sue my ass for battery! Baby batter, that is hehe. Get it? They are muy bueno, for all my Spanish or Italiano-speaking fans out there. The selection of the videos that pop up on the recommended are versatile and kind of hit the spot just right. I guess the algo they all use finally was tweaked so that it gives the user what it actually wants. Maybe it's just that I prefer these homemade skanks getting fucked left and right by their randy hubbies that we're a match, but I dunno. For now, I'll check out Plusone8 just to make sure that I like it, regardless of the copy-paste shit they tried to pull off. Not with me. The PornSheriff knows even in his sleep. The Sheriff always pulls out. Let's leave it at that as a lesson.


  • Pros

    Lots of Different Genres

  • Pros

    Countless Videos and Constant Uploads

  • Pros

    Pornstars and Amateurs All In One


  • Cons

    The Search Engine Needs Improvements

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