Pokemon Sex Game

Poke Whore Got Me Banned From Church, God Damnit! 

Damn that priest and damn me for letting my windows open when playing porn games. I was playing the pokemon sex game in my office and the priest was coming to tell me about getting his church broken in again over night. But he peeped through the door and I was playing the pokemon porn game, one of the most twisted porn games I could find lately. He’s the type of wuss who only plays adult games with girlfriend experience sex and married couples adventures. And the motherfucker banned me from the church. Where will I get my Sunday cougar pussy from now on if not from the church? Maybe if I convince him to play it, he’ll lift my ban. Maybe I’ll force him to play it. But until I make him play pokemon xxx parody game with a gun to his head, here’s why I love this twisted game so much. 

An Incredible Anthro Porn Experience With Pokemon Monsters

Pokemon is one of the best anime for hardcore xxx parody games. That’s because it has both hot chicks and lots of monster characters that can please the fury fantasies of so many naughty players. This is one of the best Pokemon xxx games I’ve played, and that’s because it keeps the Pokemons looking like their original form. In this game, all the Pokemons are male characters, and the females are all kinds of human chicks from the anime series. You get both main female characters, such as Misty, Annie Proctor or Cosette, but also generic characters, such as Pokemon police women and nurses. And the action features these cuties fucked by male Pokemon monsters with big dicks. Charmander and Charizard are getting some pussy, you get a sex scene with Snorlax and even Mewtwo is using his telekinetic powers to make some bitches cum on his mistic dick. And don’t even get me started on all the sex scenes featuring Squirtle. The sex action will be enjoyed from third person perspective, and you will also get some RPG gameplay time. You will roam the lands looking for Pokemons and then you’ll use them on the sexy bitches that pop up along the way. You’ll control the action with themed sex abilities, in sex scenes that are resembling Pokemon fights. If you make the girls cum, you win. If they make you cum first, you lose. 

One Of The Best Pokemon Porn Parodies

Pokemon game is one of the best porn parodies based on the Pokemon universe. I love how they combined the classic RPG gameplay style of the classic Gameboy releases, with a modern sex simulator game that will give you an impressive kink show on the screen. You can play the game on whatever device you might use. Enjoy it on computer and mobile, directly in your browser. Play it with no registration and no strings attached. It’s free and it offers at least a couple hours of wild anthro-porn gameplay, to make you cum several times. 


  • Pros

    Pokemon Monsters Fucking Girls

  • Pros

    RPG And Sex Simulator Gameplay

  • Pros

    Excellent Graphic Details


  • Cons

    No Female Pokemon Characters

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