PoopeeGirls is for sick fucks who like weird shit!

Poo Pee Girls… If you like lesbian scat fisting videos and pooping porn, you won’t mind seeing these diarrhea girls go wild! Face farting porn lovers and shitting movies enthusiasts will have a lot of fun watching these videos where girls eat shit. Anal scat and girls eating shit porn is not my favorite corner of smut, but maybe you will like this, fruit loop! After all, you are a weird motherfucker who is into unusual stuff, that is the only explanation of you being here right now, reading this review. But hey, I’m an open-minded dude. If you have a kink that gets you going, who am I to judge you? We are not all the same, and as long as you are not hurting anyone, go for whatever gets you off! So, diarrhea girls… You have plenty of them on Poopeegirls, one of the most diverse scat porn sites out there. Poo Pee Girls might be one of the most popular scat sites, and people love it for its diversity and hot content. This fetish is not the most searched for on Google, and let’s face it, only a few mofos are into this shit… literally, but because of these few sick fucks like you, they create sites like this. As far as scat porn goes, their categorization is pretty immaculate and rich, and what I really like about this place is that they can boast about the lack of ads. So far, I don’t see anything here I hate… well, this whole concept of scat porn is not my cup of tea, but as a professional who is just sharing his opinions with the world, there is nothing on this site that is my pet peeve.

A site that is more exceptional than I want to admit

Their underdeveloped picture section is underwhelming, but who prefers pics over vids anyway? And here’s what bothers me more… You know how most smut sites have an option to create your account, then meet other fucks who share your kinks? Here you can’t really do that, you can’t meet your pervy soulmates. Also, this site can’t be compared to any site! Literally, there are no recommendations that will help people find similar shit. Again, literally! It is all about shit here, no? Well, not really. It is also all about pissing! Golden showers are part and parcel of this site, just like those face farting porn stars. I do like how you can leave comments and give them your feedback here. You must admit one thing, perv – sites like this go above and beyond that whole typical female and male sex most of us are fine with. The late 2000s brought us ‘’2 girls one cup’’, a shit that went viral and now they create scat porn sites all the fucking time! Of course, if you like this specific fetish, you are happy about it. And if I am being objective, this is a good site.


  • Pros

    No ads

  • Pros

    Feedback section

  • Pros

    Good categorization


  • Cons

    They don't have many pics

  • Cons

    You can't create an account here

  • Cons

    No similar sites

  • Cons

    Not everyone supports this niche

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