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What do you think about porn torrent sites? If you like the idea of that, you have awesome sites like Porn Leech! Sites like are great because they have VR porn torrents and a lot of amazing free porn torrents! Why pay for memberships that are sometimes too fucking expensive, why go premium and pay hundreds of dollars for various sites, why only visit pay sites that charge at least 30 bucks a month to enjoy their stuff?! Why fucking do that when you have free stuff as well? 30 bucks a month is not a lot, but if you want to be a member of this and that, it takes a lot more than that, doesn't it? So, instead of breaking your tiny little thin wallet, just visit sites like Porn Leech! This is one of the most famous porn torrent sites, did you know it? Have you heard of it, mofo? Step up your smut game, become internet savvy, go wild! Everyone who needs all things porn will fucking love this shit! You have VR porn torrents, videos, galleries, sex games, and more. Every fucking month, this bitch has like 6M visitors, and it's just a fucking torrent site! If so many losers go there, it must mean these folks are doing something good, right? I would say they are, and that is why this little fucker is on my beautiful list! The site looks like every fucking torrent site, so there's nothing to talk about here. 

Bad things and good things about this fucker 

Let's get started with some serious business, shall we? How well-acquainted are you with torrent sites, anyway? Do you fucking know how to download a movie like that? It's very easy! You fucking find what you like and click on the magnet link or the torrent, so that it gets downloaded. You need to have a torrent application installed, though. Why am I even talking this shit? You are a loser, but you are not retarted! You know how it works. What you need here is a lot of fuckings seeders, and if you see a file with only 0 of them, say goodbye to your little movie! Porn Leech is a site with everything you need and don't need! This fucker is sometimes difficult to navigate, and its text parts are too fucking small! You will also have a lot of ads here. Do you think you will mind? But what's amazing about this site is that even the pickiest little smut enthusiasts will find what they need here. I don't even know how this fucker finds all that shit. Seriously, this bitch is even more productive than I am, and if I am saying this, you know how serious this shit is. In fact, we need more sites like this little thingy, and I do have some more to write about. I have more reviews to post for you! Hasta luego, fucker! 
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  • Pros

    Free content that is super stellar

  • Pros

    They have a forum

  • Pros

    Torrent previews are available


  • Cons

    Shitty fucking ads

  • Cons

    It's fucking illegal?

  • Cons

    They could use a better design!

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