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Ok, it is quite unusual that I get angry when I browse a porn site. Because even if something looks quite shitty, it is rarely so fucking bad that I have to leave the site and then come back later to finish my review. Unfortunately for pornvideoshub, it made me leave and come back not once but four times. That is how bad it is. What looks like a promising source of free porn movies quickly turned into a shit fest that made my blood boil.

Porn videos hub Looks Extremely Outdated

Before we get to the diabolical feces that the design of this site is, let me get one good thing out of the way, and that is the fact that it comes in the dark mode. I am so fucking glad that while exploring Pornvideoshub, I did not have to look at a bright white background, and if that were the case, this review would probably not exist because that would be the straw that not breaks but obliterates the camel's back, like a big black cock would break a pussy of a hot blonde schoolgirl. With that out of the way, let’s get to the shit. looks like it was made by someone who was bored during their informatics class, who finished their project and then had a few extra minutes to fuck around, and as soon as they could leave, they just decided to call this project done and never get back to it ever again.

Free Porn At Pornvideoshub? Not Really

The first thing I read when I visited this website was “The newest porn videos. Watch Online or Download for free”, which gave me a glimmer of hope. Next to site's design that is equal to the contents of a barf bag. However, after clicking on the first video I saw, I realised that the shit storm is only just beginning. Clicking on the video did not work. It was like drawing an empty gun in a Mexican standoff. It was like shitting the bed. It was horrible. Of course, the only thing that clicking on the video did was summon an overwhelming amount of ads and pop-ups. Some of them even redirected me to sites that I could barely back peddle from. Finally, when I managed to get the intended link to work, I was slapped in the face that the third-party site it links to, does not have a free-user download button, and the “watch online” part is limited to the first few minutes. Is A Waste Of Time

I got to give it to this site that it almost ended my career as the porn sheriff because I almost had an aneurism while exploring what it had to offer. However, unlike some miners who dig through the tunnels and find gold at the end, I dug more and more and only found shit. If you have the premium membership on TezFiles, where most videos are hosted, browsing this might be worth your time; otherwise, I suggest you stay away.


  • Pros

    Thousands Of Videos

  • Pros

    Various Niches Are Covered


  • Cons

    Bad Design

  • Cons

    Lots of Ads

  • Cons

    Most Content Requires Premium On Third-Party Site

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