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Pornstar Legends... Now, that is a promising name of a site! Who are pornstar legends? Your favorite sluts, bitches you like to fap to the most? There are so many bimbos I like to beat my salami to, so picking just one would be pointless. They are all goddesses to me, my girls, my bitches! Of course, you need to understand that I am a very desirable man. I always meet new ladies who want to fuck me. Every day I meet a new hot piece of ass, and I like that in porn, they also include new names all the time! With so many sex bombs who are pornstars, and who are not, it is just so difficult to pick the biggest legend! Remember when Mia Malkova was a new name? She was promising and she did not disappoint. Riley Reid? Lana Rhoades? Now they are not new anymore, but they still kick ass! And who will be the next best thing? I am looking forward to getting to know new sluts! But now, let's focus on the legends on this site, shall we? This is not a new and modern site, mofo! It is devoted to vintage fuck movies, vintage nudist teens, vintage wife porn and golden pornstar legends! Antique porn will never get old, won't it? And how could it get old? It is too yummy for everyone's taste. Yes, these stunners didn't do things pornstars do today, but they were pioneers back then, and things they did were too risque for those times. That is why they are legendary!

Inspiring golden babes who were burning hot

The site is pretty straightforward. Yeap, you type the URL, go to the main page and the show can start! No menu bars, no navigation tools, just a bunch of thumbnails with gorgeous golden girls! I guess now these stunners are mummies, but when they were young, man, were they flaming hot! Someone bring a bucket of water, this sheriff is dealing with fire! When these stunners were young and sexy, porn was a bigger taboo topic than today. Yet, they were on fire! They posed naked, they made sex tapes, they starred in erotic movies... Confident and sexually open, today they can inspire young sluts. I wonder if the pornstars of our time have idols, pornstars that were a big thing in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s... What do you think, stud? Does your GF admire these luscious golden sluts? Who am I kidding? Your GF is not in the picture, it's just you and your hand tonight... over and over again! But hey, no wallowing in despair when you have all this steamy vintage porn! Vintage fuck movies, vintage wife porn and even vintage nudist teens! Who would be depressed next to them? You have so many goodies on the site, and I think you will enjoy it. Of course, you need to pay... No entertainment for the cheapskates!
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  • Pros

    Remarkable vintage porn

  • Pros

    Delicious golden girls who are naked

  • Pros

    It's not expensive


  • Cons

    It's a pay site

  • Cons

    No navigation tools

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